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    Lyon, France
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    Just a part time photographer/videographer living the good life in France.
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I am an American photographer/videographer (mostly news) that has retired to France to live the good life (and it's good).


I've been here for three years and the work that I do is exclusively for groups and organizations that have no money, but need some video and photos to promote themselves.


"Clients" have been two local food banks, a refugee center, and a school program that steers teenagers toward a future in the high-end restaurant industry (Lyon is known as the Gastronomic Capital of France).


I've also done wedding photography for two couples in love, but with no money, and I "charge" them by having them promise to donate money to something like a food bank if/when they can afford it, even if it takes a few years.


No money, but low pressure, and I can feel good at the end of the day as sit with my wife on my apartment's balcony sipping a glass of rose.

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