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  1. Thanks a mill John, Yes that's correct the adjustment through the frequencies as opposed to scan. I'm currently on firmware 7.30P so looks like that is my issue. I did read the WARNING: SOFTWARE UPGRADE / DOWNGRADE TRANSITION so didn't attempt any roll back anything until I got some solid advise. Which i surely have here. Guiness or Smithwicks? As a Dub i'd have to say Guiness (but from a bottle!) 😉 Many thanks for confirming that Glenn. I'll get in contact everything audio and let you guys know how i get on. I'm a big fan of the products btw, and look
  2. Many thanks Andy, yes it looks like i skipped ahead with the firware!!
  3. Hi John, Apologies my name is Chris Carrol and i'm based in Dublin, Ireland - i'll need to get that in the profile somewhere!! Many thanks for getting back to me on this. I have checked the manual numerous times now and everything appears to be set correctly. The firmware version on both transmitters is 7.3 and QRX100 receiver is on 3.78 I'm using 8gb Sansdisk X1 cards, and made sure to get these ones as I'd read the importance of getting approved cards. The locking up happened initially after formatting the cards, but thi
  4. Hi folks, This is my first post and i've searched for an answer but I can't find anything on this particular issue. The long and the short of it is I picked up a couple of 2nd hand Zaxcom TRX 900 (AA & LT) with a QRX100. They were working fine when i received them. I was about to start a job last week and so while reading the manual I took the advise to rename the units and format the cards. After formatting (which went fine) i power cycled the units and and both displayed identical behaviour and screen/menus were frozen. At this point i was freaking out
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