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  1. Thanks for the tip, looking forward to revisiting i now
  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Yes it's something like this I've imagined; carefully choosing locations and integrating the needs of sound into the whole process. It was a while ago since I had anything to do with sound-post, but I remember great tools for modifying well-recorded dialogue. What I've never heard recreated is proximity within a certain acoustic space, at least not to the extent that it has been comparable with an authentic recording of voices and movements at a natural distance. Do you have a different experience?
  3. Thank you! What would you say is the main difference between this option and using a pair of Neumann KM184/85. Better reach?
  4. I am aware how location recording typically is done and for what reasons. I'm not delivering to a client and have decided to take a different approach that I don't believe will lead to ADR if handled with care. If you as a pro could advice me on a natural sounding cardioid mic I'd much appreciate it :)
  5. I'm trying to pull off a small film project in the near future and because we will be shooting away from cities and be able to handpick locations (all indoor) I am hoping to go a bit unconventional with location recording. Essentially I would like to use as much location sound as possible and to record in a way that takes advantage of the space we're in - not shying away from natural acoustics and recording dialogue at an actual distance when that is what the frame calls for. I realise this poses some challenges but I aslo believe I'm aware of most of them. I assume this calls for some kind of cardioid microphone but would really appreciate advice on a specific model. I know I want something natural sounding (no added warmth even if it's a nice sound) and a microphone that can pick up at a bit of a distance. It doesn't have to be a budget option. Txs in advance :)
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