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  1. 14 hours ago, Vincent R. said:

    from a technical point of view you are correct that indeed the ms add up. Though from our point of view we see this as camera hops for scratch audio, not for final delivery, as you record that audio on your device. 

    Thanks for the answer! As a camera hop it would mean always telling the editor/post to drag the sound ~20ms back on the scratch track before syncing it up with the recorder audio, which would probably surprise a crew member if not annoy them.

    As an IEM it would mean that a director would get 40ms delayed audio from the source (if Deity is used for both going in and out of the recorder), which would probably render them nervous and confused why the monitor/sound is not in sync (40ms = 1frame@25fps).
    On set nobody really cares about what gear you use, things have to go fast and smooth, nobody wants to think about technical limitations like that. It's a hassle to say the least.

    I really love the concepts you guys are going with, but the latency adding up seems to be a dealbreaker to some degree. I might still go for the Deity Connect, but most retailers in Europe seem to be out of stock/awaiting stock (?).

  2. 32 minutes ago, DanieldH said:

    My impression is, that their core market are videographers.

    Yes ok, but this thread is about Deity announcing a new product that touts features like Camera hop/IEM/TC -- features that aren't primarily associated with videographers. They already had Tx's and Rx's and a XLR plug-on Tx before this product.

  3. On 9/12/2020 at 10:04 PM, DanieldH said:

    + whatever latency your recorder has.

    Apparently, a single system can even be set to 40ms to increase stability, so this would add up even more.

    I am not sure though, If the setup you suggest would work or be advisable. As I understood, the DuoRX have a cable to permanently "negotiate" frequencies between them. The BP-TRX (in RX mode) seem not to have such a socket, maybe they do this wirelessly or via USB or not at all. So, so far it is unclear, if a setup with multiple RX (on different TX) in one room is provided. I guess, we'll soon get more info.

    Edit: The cable is called sync cable and resides on the USB socket, so this might be the same with the BP-TRX.

    It's been documented that it's possible to link two DuoRX's together. My question rather lies in what Deity's concept is for a full soundbag solution using only their products. Seems infeasible if there's around 40ms of latency combined.

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