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  1. I think you summarized it perfectly. To be clear, it's a clear cut case and there's no question as to my legal situation. I'm well into proceedings and have communicated to my team exactly what you've described, which has been my experience for the past several years. At this point, I'm looking for colleagues who can corroborate what I've described. The more experience an individual can speak from, the more weight their testimony carries. Hope this helps, and thanks for taking the time to follow up!
  2. Thanks for your input, Philip. My thinking is that most union sound mixers have spent years paying dues doing solo day jobs, boom op-ing etc. As well, even in a cart based workflow there is still a fair amount of moving equipment, loading/unloading vehicles and general physical labour involved in the day to day, and the more veteran mixers would have the fullest and most varied experience to draw on. However I'm definitely interested in hearing from anyone whose experience could be helpful.
  3. Hey all, I've been to this forum often over the past few years. I'm a sound mixer working in Canada. I'm reaching out with an admittedly odd request but one of significant personal importance. I would be extremely grateful if I could be put in touch with a small handful of some of the more experienced sound mixers working in the North American film and television industry today. To simplify a longer story, I was involved in a car accident three years ago while riding my bike. This was very early in my career and while I have recovered to a certain point and am abl
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