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    From touring musician, to studio engineer, to production sound mixer...Corporate and features have been the main game of late.
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  1. Thanks @soundtrane, Ended up being VERY corroded, and essentially sealed shut. Had Trew clean-up and install a new door. Cheers mate.
  2. Never had this problem before, any tips or advice if the battery door gets stuck? As you can see, even using a slotted screwdriver in one of the grooves seems insufficient... Please advise!
  3. Ahoy! I am looking to offload my Sennheiser MKH816, but am missing the pistol grip & mount for a Lightwave Systems rig very similar (but looooonger) to the one pictured below (and want to sell as a complete/useable package). Any leads are very welcomed. Cheers.
  4. Exactly what I'm thinking. DP is testing out a "light gag" this weekend, if it's convincing that's how we'll do coverage. Cheers mate. I hadn't thought of an "out-of-the-box" or "off-the-shelf" --possibly propane solution--great suggestion. Shoot is end of next week, so, I'll definitely let you all know which lane we chose and how it went. Thanks Jim.
  5. Really appreciate the lightning-speed response Jeff. definitely the prior. This is a short/narrative with the principle scene I’m asking about indoors (cabin vibe), with a rustic fireplace going. i have inquired if it is / can be just gas—if so, that would certainly get two birds, one stone. Consistency for lighting continuity, and exponentially quieter and also consistent enough to possibly get tone and pull out / replace w/fx in post. It’s a low-ish budget indie, and I’ve already inquired—there is no designated sfx / pyrotechnics individual present.
  6. Ahoy sound colleagues! Been utilizing the expertise on here for quite a while but this is my first post/query. Have a short coming up in a week, and l am on the hunt for any clever hacks on capturing super clean dialogue amidst all the varied crackling of log burning fires. So far, coming at this from one two potential solutions: A) Camera dept. cheats the "flames" and completely fakes it, i.e. no real flames = completely clean dialogue, or We shoot with live flames in the fireplace and bonfire, and I endeavor close directional booming with lower gain levels.
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