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  1. sorry to read this and if I bored you it wasn't my intention al all. I just would like to inform people and to know their thoughts because behind each projects there are many months/years of work. If it is necessary I can remove this post. thanks for your understanding
  2. Hi everybody, we just released the base Viviana Cloud app on Android and the NEW Viviana Cloud app PRO on iOS. New features on Viviana Cloud app PRO are: — Convert BWF files into .MP3 files, preserving metadata and timecode; – Convert individual tracks into .WAV format; – See real-time waveforms for each track; – Solo or mute individual tracks; – Change volume and pan for each track Hope these could be useful! Looking forward to hear your thoughts about it! Thanks a lot
  3. Thanks a lot. Viviana Cloud works on Dropbox So also Frame.io has the same problem? We work on Dropbox cloud storage service, soon on Google drive thanks
  4. Hi guys how are you? I have just released the new Viviana Cloud app PRO on iOS with the following features — Convert BWF files into .MP3 files, preserving metadata and timecode; – Convert individual tracks into .WAV format; – See real-time waveforms for each track; – Solo or mute individual tracks; – Change volume and pan for each track We are keep trying to growing with Viviana Cloud app launching a series of brand new features that will make life on set easier, hope this could be useful! Viviana Cloud app is available also on Android with base version Looking forward to hear your thoughts. Thanks a lot Bye Turi
  5. Hi, Viviana Cloud doesn't use public wifi for safety reason. The main thing with Viviana Cloud is not just upload to the cloud but thanks Viviana Cloud app you will be able to manage your jobs, check all metadata, listen to tracks, create sound report, more to come... Viviana cloud is not just uploading your recordings to the cloud but it will be much more around workflow management. Of course, Viviana Cloud app doesn't work without Viviana Cloud box. Thanks a lot for your time. Bye Turi
  6. Of course the innovation it is not uploading to the cloud but it will be much more about the workflow management that you could manage using the Viviana Cloud app that wasn't exiting before. Thanks a lot
  7. Thanks a lot, waiting for your feedback! Felipe Borrero production sound mixer "OZARK" has been one of our beta tester and this is your though about Viviana Cloud: “I had to send a days work because it never got to post house. I went back to the truck , uploaded a copy, sent the link to the post house, dailies were in synced for the studios. If not for Viviana I Would have made a copy then driven it to the transfer house. 1 hour lost in the middle of the night.” 🤩
  8. In this case AON-TEAM-A is the name of the Top Folder. Inside the Top folder there are dailies of which you can upload or each the entire daily folder or individual files that you choose. Hope I answered to your question Thanks a lot for the advice, maybe Viviana Cloud Box 2.0 could give also this option. I thought about it but as always...I had to choose what to develop also about hardware and also I thought that maybe for customers to have another sim and plan to pay was too much but yes...it is a good idea. Thanks a lot
  9. H Tobi. Of course, you have just to click on "Upload all files" and the Viviana Cloud app will select automatically all the files present into the folder and it will start uploading. Thanks
  10. I am sorry to hear that, Dropbox has been around for almost 13 years and has more than 600 million users. Thanks a lot
  11. Hi @Rick Reinekethanks a lot for your interest. Right now Viviana Cloud can use only Dropbox, more to come. I am sorry that right now I am not giving possibility to choose the cloud storage service but, to be honest, because money investment about software development I had to choose one. thanks Thanks @ConstantinI always use Wi-Fi that are into Studios/Production Office otherwise I ask for Wi-Fi password in the location where we shoot. If you won't find any wi-fi available (very rare in these days) you can use your mobile hotspot. We don't give possibility to use public wifi for safety reasons. If you will lost the wifi you have to restart the upload where it has been stopped. Thanks a lot Viviana Cloud has got its own interfaces. We use just the Dropbox cloud storage. Thanks a lot
  12. Hi @Constantinthanks a lot for your interest. Viviana cloud it is not just about uploading but Viviana Cloud smartphone app will give you the possibility to Check Metadata, listen to tracks, create Sound Report, Share everything and you can do all this without keeping your phone plugged into the sound recorder. We are working also about the possibility to modify metadata from Viviana Cloud app before uploading the file. Right now I am working on a big series for Amazon, the production and post production is from UK and they use cloud so they can work straight on post production without waiting hard drive with rushes. For example I am used to upload files also during launch break and I am just receiving a notification from Viviana Cloud app about "upload completed" while I am using my smartphone doing others thing at the restaurant, far from my recorder. Many features will be developed and as I wrote, I will be more then happy to get some advices from you all. Thanks a lot
  13. Viviana Cloud finally is out! A brand new device that helps you save time and keep your files safe by uploading your recordings straight from your recorder to the cloud. Viviana Cloud is approved for use with Sound Devices mixer-recorders, and you can use it also with ZoomF8 and external card reader or USB drives. For more information, please go to: http://www.vivianacloud.com Note: this topic was edited and moved to the Manufacturers and Dealers section. Comprehensive advertising and promotion is provided on the site in the form of paid advertising banners. The site as well is not a replacement for formal customer support from companies. - jwsoundgroup
  14. This is the link about cloud storage service security https://help.dropbox.com/accounts-billing/security/how-security-works thanks a lot
  15. Thanks a lot for your feedback. Platform like Dropbox or Google Drive use two-factor authentication and SSL encryption for data transferring to and from a device and at rest using AES-256 bit encryption
  16. Of course you can upload from a card reader. Please watch the video IMG_8918.MOV
  17. Thanks a lot for your feedback. Right now the main folder are represented from the name of HD. For example 788_CF / 788_SSD / SCORPIO_SD1 etc... Of course You can create a folder and move inside your daily to organized your job how you want. Hope this answer is what you were looking for. Thanks a lot
  18. Hi guys, just discoverd on google that there was this forum about Viviana cloud. First of all thanks a lot for your interest! I am working hard on this project and I just realised a video for the sound summit 2020 about Viviana Cloud application progress. If you want You can watch it here or on Viviana straps Facebook page. I am more then happy to answer to your , know your thoughts about it and if you want it will be great to let me know what you would like to be able to do with Viviana Cloud application. Right now you can change metadata before uploding, listen tracks, share projects, check metadata, create sound report and export pdf, etc... I think that one of the coolest part of this project is also that it will be also improved by Sound community advices and needs. I am very interested to listen your advices! If you want you can subscribe to our website and we will keep you posted www.vivianacloud.com Thanks a lot for your time and I hope to hear from you advices about Viviana Cloud app ciao Turi IMG_8905.MOV
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