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  1. Dalton I hear ya! It’s all good and I will keep asking dumb questions and learning. Appreciate the feedback!
  2. Eric- download the book you recommended...damn is there some good info! Read about 90 pages on my lunch and already look at sound completely different! Whole new love and respect for it! Can’t wait to read more.
  3. Thanks Karl! I will def check those out! Agree on the planning and backup equipment 10000%!!! One day I wish my G4’s grow up to be real Lectrosonics! 😀
  4. Agree. All the recording I have done this far is in front on 6 people tops. It also has been a budget free shoot, so def no pressure. I can only imagine the pressure when someone else’s dime is paying for everything. Def nerve wracking just thinking about it. Also I’m sure my basic understanding of how to operate my equipment is just the tip of the iceberg. I should have said “I have learned enough about my equipment, to be able to make basic recordings that don’t sound too bad” 😁 Appreciate the feedback!
  5. Understood. I appreciate any/all feedback so thank you for taking time to respond
  6. I am not being ‘ignorant’. I don’t know what specific jobs each person on set does as I have never been on a set, so maybe unfamiliar is a better term. I read your advice and appreciate the feedback. I will continue building my knowledge based on your suggestions
  7. They totally did. But then again if my volunteering and helping a pro, so that I can pickup knowledge and gain experience be a bad thing? I’m sure ya’ll get sick of loading your carts in and out of vehicles or miking talent, cleaning equipment or whatever. I know dues need to be paid and I am by no means expecting/wanting to be put in the game without putting in the work. Appreciate your time!
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am not so new that I don’t know the basics or equipment. I have invested in some pretty good equipment and have learned everything there is to know about it. I’m not here to take jobs away from the pros, just want to learn and get real experience. I would even volunteer if it got me experience and familiarity with the procedures/practices etc. I am very sensitive to tenure and $$$ spent to purchase the tools needed for this craft. Anyway, I know it’s everyone for themselves especially now, but more reason to pay it forward.
  9. Hey guys, Newbie here. I am a non pro that got into sound because a friend wasn’t technical at all. I work I’m IT, so love anything technical/electrical and jumped at the opportunity to learn/do something new. Fast forward almost a year later, and I have a modest little sound kit and am hooked! So here’s my question. How would I go about getting some real world experience and maybe actually making a few $$$ in the process? I have zero set/pro experience and am dying to get my feet wet. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!!!
  10. @phillipperkins appreciate the response! I def gave that a thought, but in my mind that would be a more expensive route. Would you happen to know where I could maybe look at getting the mics re-terminated? Thanks again!
  11. Hey guys/gals I had a quick newbie question. I am pretty new to sound and my kit consists of a sound devices 552, mixpre 10 and sennheiser wireless. I was gifted a wisycom mcr42 and one mtp40 transmitter. All the mics I have are locking 3.5 and was wondering if there was an adapter anyone knew about to make a locking 3.5 into a 3 pin lemo. I looked online but the verbiage associated with them was not clear, hence me asking the experts!
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