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  1. I keep expecting an SRd announcement, I'm eagerly awaiting such a thing.
  2. Rudolfo Piedras (RLFO Sound) put out a pretty good video on this a few months ago:
  3. Neil Bliss

    Sound carts

    I have the XL version of this. The price is certainly right and it's handy to have around, and is fine if you need someplace to rest your bag and a pelican case. I put a couple of Tstak drawer sets in the middle for lavs and such. You won't be able to cart a whole ton of weight on it, even if they do claim a 300lb capacity.
  4. oy it's too early for that level of pun. well done, sir.
  5. Neil Bliss

    Sound carts

    Thanks for sharing that Jeff, super interesting!
  6. Does Mark run these on a regular basis? I can't attend the session this month, but would love to attend a future iteration.
  7. Here's a detail shot of the inset on the hirose connector on the mx-powersled mounted to a mixpre-3 II. Grid lines are every half-inch.
  8. I did this same comparison for my MixPre and ended up going with the CT unit. It is physically larger but not so much that it makes too much difference in my bag. The main ultimate selling point was that the CT unit is all metal. You probably won't go too far wrong either way.
  9. If anyone in the SF general area needs an extra pair of hands/legs/ears, I'm available. I know which end of the mic to point at the talent, but beyond that I know I have much to learn. I'm in San Jose, feel free to message me if you're so inclined.
  10. This probably belongs in the "Manufacturers & Dealers" section, not here.
  11. That's pretty much my thought process as well, the mounting screw will do the bulk of the work, but I'd like the clips up front to help out a little and keep the unit located. I did a little bit of a test fit on the pieces I found, and they look like they'll work but may need a little trimming to work around the specifics of the Mini's underside.
  12. Thanks all! Drpro mentioned in his DIY thread that he had sourced some directly from Aaton, and while I still have no idea what they're properly called I've found a dartboard hanging kit on Amazon that includes an exact-fitting plate.
  13. very nice! Where did you source the mounting plates for the Mini's front feet?
  14. Specifically this is a close up of one of the upper corners on the Aaton "Cheese Plate" for the Cantar Mini. I'd like to find the receiver plates they're using (yes, I could email Aaton but I thought I'd ask around first).
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