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  1. I never did replace the wheels, once I got things apart they were pretty non-serviceable.
  2. Resurrecting an older thread here - I have one of these carts and I'd like to replace the stock casters. How do you get them off? They look like they ought to just thread off but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. [edit] and of course 30 seconds after posting for help I figured it out. They're held in place by the bolts attached to the shelves.
  3. If you're on Facebook there are a couple of pretty good Cantar-focused user groups, "Aaton Cantar-X" might the best for your specific needs.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I'll evaluate it and if it's too noisy for me I can return it and get the 30.
  5. Stereo recording is typically either music (for which I'll use the Schoeps pair) or ambience. I hadn't really considered an all-in-one, but the MKH-418S sounds pretty appealing. I'll pick one up and see how that works for me.
  6. I've been using my Schoeps mk8 for mid/side recording, but I'd like to find a reasonable figure 8 mic that's a little more suitable for harsh environments. I'm currently looking at the ate308 or the MKH30, are there other figure 8's I should include in the search?
  7. Will there be a VOD available afterwards? I have a matinee show that day but this sounds very interesting.
  8. I had a lot of trouble discerning the front from the back, but if you flip the windkiller SE inside out you can see that the front has a mesh circle insert. Getting the orientation correct and ensuring that there's some space at the front makes a big difference for me.
  9. For this sort of application, what gauge wire would work best?
  10. I talked to my local theater sound guy last night and he pointed me to ripnroll.com. He recommended (and uses) their "Disposable Microphone Covers" which you can get in bulk (100/500/1000 packs).
  11. Where's a good place to source unlubricated condoms in bulk?
  12. I use a couple of the "Orca Lifts" with my 833 in addition to the top velcro loops.
  13. Have any of you fine folks tried reading LTC from a raspberry pi? I'm mildly curious to see if I could make a timecode display driven by a Nanolockit.
  14. Love it, thanks Larry (and Gordon and all the Fanatics). It's probably worth noting that I have no actual purpose in mind with this project, I was just curious what tricks I could make it do.
  15. Wise words indeed. When diving under the covers, you're always risking unintended consequences. (Frankly I'm surprised I haven't gotten a note from someone at Lectro asking me to take this down yet...)
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