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  1. I use a couple of the "Orca Lifts" with my 833 in addition to the top velcro loops.
  2. Have any of you fine folks tried reading LTC from a raspberry pi? I'm mildly curious to see if I could make a timecode display driven by a Nanolockit.
  3. Love it, thanks Larry (and Gordon and all the Fanatics). It's probably worth noting that I have no actual purpose in mind with this project, I was just curious what tricks I could make it do.
  4. Wise words indeed. When diving under the covers, you're always risking unintended consequences. (Frankly I'm surprised I haven't gotten a note from someone at Lectro asking me to take this down yet...)
  5. Trawling through the Wireless Designer help files, it seems that a fair number of the Venue command set works on the SRc. I've gotten the battery telemetry queries in the reference doc now.
  6. Most of those are spot on, but sp and p don't appear to do anything on the SRc, and txbatt shows the battery type setting for the transmitter rather than the battery level.
  7. AS NOTED BELOW, any use of this information in entirely AT YOUR OWN RISK and may damage your equipment. Being a huge nerd I simply had to try connecting in to my SRc via serial. I haven't had any luck finding a command reference from Lectro but I've been able to get it talking to my mac over USB, and I've figured out the serial equivalents of most of the menu items. I'll attach what I've found so far. The things I can't yet get to happen are IR sync, scanning, and smart tune. Some or all of this may be wrong, this is just an afternoon's hacking project. Feel free to correct me where needed. SRc (1).txt
  8. judging by the teaser photo currently on Instagram, it looks like a pair of transmitters.
  9. I've heard the distinctive sound of the sharpening of tumbleweed harvesting knives. Looking forward to the harvest!
  10. Might be worth taking a look at Film Devices' battery sled. I've got a couple of those on my mixercage rig for the mini and they're slick.
  11. Is there a good wind protection item out there for something along the lines of a DPA 4097 micro shotgun?
  12. Now why didn't I think of that... I'll email them straight away.
  13. My antenna for the M-216 Option P7 Comtek seems to be wobbly, and whenever it moves I get crackling on the rx side. Is there a good fix for this?
  14. No, there's 3 iso tracks and 2 mix tracks. The iso tracks will work with 1 input so you could use either an XLR or the aux-in for one of the tracks. I've been using my MixPre-3II for pretty much the same sorts of things you're interested in, and it's worked very well for me.
  15. I didn't know Sarah's story but it's safe to say I'll never forget it now.
  16. I'm looking at adding a couple backup 49wh batteries for my Cantar Mini. I see batteries that pretty much look the same to me from Remote Audio ($105 at Trew), Aaton ($129 at Gotham), and Audioroot ($151 at Trew). Is there any good reason to get the Aaton or Audioroot units?
  17. Just to show the overall installation with the Mini, extra batteries, and Hydra controlled SRcs.
  18. I've gone through a couple iterations so far with Daniel at Mixercage on this setup, I think there's still a couple more iterations before it'll be a line item in his catalog.
  19. Not quite as fully DIY as David's version, but here's a mod I've put on the still-in-development Mixercage for the Mini. The cleats are from Amazon, originally for mounting a dartboard to the wall.
  20. On this subject, if you're bringing your own equipment on this sort of a job, are there any customs forms you'd need to fill out ahead of time to avoid problems when you're bringing your gear back into the US? (edit: the OP is in Italy, but I'm curious for my own edification)
  21. I keep expecting an SRd announcement, I'm eagerly awaiting such a thing.
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