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  1. So this is my quick impression of the new ambient baby sorry for the crappy iPhone 3GS photo guys. You can use the lockit on 3D rigs now because it has 2 TC outs (standard lemo as with the others). The one I got my hands on for a while had much smaller antenna than on the pictures running around the internet, it was running already 8 hours straight with not even a frame loss . It was connected to a tablet running kind of windows, via mini USB. Via the software you could easily configure the lockit in few seconds, send a lock signal through the ambient network to other lockits ( their had a lockit placed on that new Sony XDcam EX or whatever their called sorry guys not my department ). Minus is that all of us guys that use MAC will not be able to use this software. But sooner or later the iOS version is bound to appear. Well I guess it will make our lives a bit less complicated as we do not have to lock the cameras during the day anymore,after lunch, just in the morning and the rest will be taken care of wireless. Ambient was in a booth together with Zaxcomm and Glen was there too with nomad. They are thinking to use the IFB transmitter in nomad to send TC to the new lockit from Ambient, it's a matter of finding the right protocols. If it works out it would be a big plus for both companies I guess IBC was so huge and there was so much more going on audio wise but those stories are maybe for another topic
  2. Here also waiting for Avid to release a solid update for PT. Also without the whole iCloud thing I don't think I would miss Lion
  3. I'm planning to be at IBC on one of the days, I will take notes for you guys
  4. Great! Thank you for taking care of this!
  5. I've just send it to you. thank you!
  6. Hello Jeff. I keep on having the same problem while uploading a new profile photo. The first time, I get an error message: Your file was not uploaded. The next time it's just uploading it continuously without any effect. I have chosen photos larger than 200px. Also different photos were chosen. I'm working on a Mac, in a safari browser. However I do not seem to have the same problem on another board running the same script. I double checked that. So.......what am I doing wrong?
  7. Someone took a photo of my case this summer ;-) I think it has a character of its own ;-)
  8. Since the Alexa is out on the market in Holland I didn't shoot anymore with RED. Really nice BUT I had one situation when the Alexa was audible during the shoot. Small bathroom covered in tiles. Might have something to do with the warmth of the location self with was very high (actress playing with no to very thin clothes on). However this was the only situation during the whole time shooting on Alexa whereas with RED we would have problems like that daily
  9. I asked some film friends from Iran about your situation. You need a document from the government of Iran that will allowed you to film. Otherwise you will get in a lot of troubles ( jail time for few years in the worst possibility). I have no idea if you need a visa, don't know from witch country you are from. I'm guessing US? Check if you need a visa with a clear purpose of stay (filming). You must contact an Iranian production company before going to Iran to support you in this effort, that is required by the government. The production companies are also in the hands of the government so no funny business with them is possible this is what I got from my film friends, personally I would go to a doctor and check what kind of injections you need before going there. Also take some clean needles, just in case. The ones in the hospitals are re-used. Also a good insurance, for yourself and your equipment. Check with the companies if they cover specifically Iran. Call the embassy of your country in Iran, inform them about your stay, how long and where exactly will you be there. Have them on your speed dial. If the documentary turns out to be anti-goverment thing be very careful and even think if it's worth your life for it. Sorry to be so negative and scary about this but it's better when you know the truth then find out the hard way later on. Be safe out there!
  10. Hi Adam, I use ipad daily, a good idea would be the Multitrack DAW from Harmonicdog. It's cheap (7,99 euros) and it has all the option you need. With garage band you will not be able to easily import the tracks for playback, you would need to play them in to the audio recorder of the garage band and there are no great spotting or cue options on the ipad version. Hope this helps a bit.
  11. I just send an email to Biba, since I live in Europe it should be easier with logistics and everything.... We'll see what happens
  12. Hi, the lemo from SD will work fine, did some gigs with Alexa and SD. Apart from feeding the TC everytime after the camera was off there was no problem. If it works, it works. If not resetting the camera helps.
  13. Hi, I use 7506 with the softpads from Beyerdynamic, perfect combination. It's much more comfortable and it isolates the ears from the enviroment even better. Great for work in cold weather. In the summer also not that bad, much better than the standard earpads anyway.
  14. Just back from a shoot in Seville, Spain. Lovely view from the top of the roof where we shot some stunts. Assisting to Diego van Uden, had a great time! ps. picture has been cut here on the forum, you might want to open it in a new window to enjoy the entire view
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