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  1. There’s someone from Spain selling one in Ebay…
  2. Hi Joe, You can put an extra mono on the 7th or the Stereo Module and use it as mono which is how I use it. Axel.
  3. My question really is if I can use two transmitter (two different channels) in the 216mhz spectrum and both share the same antenna.
  4. Thank you Barry! Actually is a Windhsield made for the dpa 4017, the size is probably ws3!
  5. I once did, last year, no reply. Perhaps due to the lockdown everywhere... thanks anyway, Axel.
  6. Hi, Do any of you work with two (or even more) BST 75-216 Transmitters? do you use the same antenna for both? (let's say the sna600 with the miracle whip) or do you use antenna for every transmitter? Thank you, Axel.
  7. Beautiful Cart!!!, I've recently changed to rack and still have my Cooper, and I wonder if you don't miss the sound of from your 208?
  8. Hi! Do you know if there's a specific name within the rycote world for this spare part I need for my dpa windshield? Also, do you know any place that can sell me the piece? I'm located in Mexico and the local reseller option won't work. Thank you, Axel.
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