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  1. Thanks Constantin, I was looking into this option, but I didn't know how to mount it securely on the camera and still be able to use the rycote baseball or something against the wind. with the mmp-gr there is not enough space behind the slits of the capsule... any idea how to solve this? So it still look like either A10 or mixpre3...
  2. yes, you are right, even though i do not find on their page written it has two adcs, there must be, to be able to state these numbers. it still is my favorite piece to buy. Yes, unfortunately the power issue is probably the reason there aren't many. I will look again into the zoom option, the F series might be a good alternative to mixpre. I know I have to use a sony battery or a usb powerbank. I think this is maybe a very good point. I was maybe too eager to put 4018c up on camera for everything, but it may be wiser to have it just for where it is really needed.
  3. Cleanliness as low self noise, and good ADC. Good to know sonosax also uses technology similar to neverclip, but I don't see how 32bit tech helps in any way in widening dynamic range, unless you have two ADCs for each preamp. So I went to check how SD explains it: https://www.sounddevices.com/sample-32-bit-float-and-24-bit-fixed-wav-files/ As much as I like the SD, it seems to me that it is a bit of a marketing talk. There is no way you can save audio that was clipped when a too high voltage hits the ADC. The scenario described here must have overgained the mixed channel, which can t
  4. Thanks Frank! The mixpre3 does look like a really good option. But the reason I don't want to ditch the 633 is when I want to record 6 channels of music performance, I want it to be sample accurate, I don't think TC is that accurate, or it may drift a bit. Also, I sometimes still do the professional job as a soundengineer, on smaller documentaries TV stuff. And, this is maybe just my opinion, but I do think preamps are better on 633 - I have recorded classical/acoustic performance with mixpre10, and it did perform beautifully, and I used all 8 preamps, but I did feel like there is
  5. Hello everybody, I have been following discussions here for a long time and find this place a valuable source of information with many experts and just want to say I really appreciate this site and all the knowledge people share. I am about to do a long term field work, probably in a remote area, and want to make an ethnographic movie. Topic: everyday life of a local musician(s). So the highest audio quality is most important. Any interview can easily transform into a musical piece. So far I have been using SD 633 with a pair of DPA4006s or 4060s as an AB for recor
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