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  1. Thanks Constantin, I was looking into this option, but I didn't know how to mount it securely on the camera and still be able to use the rycote baseball or something against the wind. with the mmp-gr there is not enough space behind the slits of the capsule... any idea how to solve this? So it still look like either A10 or mixpre3...
  2. yes, you are right, even though i do not find on their page written it has two adcs, there must be, to be able to state these numbers. it still is my favorite piece to buy. Yes, unfortunately the power issue is probably the reason there aren't many. I will look again into the zoom option, the F series might be a good alternative to mixpre. I know I have to use a sony battery or a usb powerbank. I think this is maybe a very good point. I was maybe too eager to put 4018c up on camera for everything, but it may be wiser to have it just for where it is really needed. as of now, it is clear the most versatile thing will be to have a separate minirecorder for a lapel mic - I guess tentacle might be the one, and then another recorder with phantom for on camera or around my belt, with at least three preamps. others also mentioned sonosax, and I would love to use them, for their sound, but are way over what i can afford and don't really see them fitting exactly what i think i need. I keep thinking I need three preamps, like a stereo ambience and a boom, or two lavs and a boom, or decca tree I really appreciate everyone's input, thank u! the discussion helped me a lot to think again about the scenarios and options. When I do finally get into the field, I will report how things went
  3. Cleanliness as low self noise, and good ADC. Good to know sonosax also uses technology similar to neverclip, but I don't see how 32bit tech helps in any way in widening dynamic range, unless you have two ADCs for each preamp. So I went to check how SD explains it: https://www.sounddevices.com/sample-32-bit-float-and-24-bit-fixed-wav-files/ As much as I like the SD, it seems to me that it is a bit of a marketing talk. There is no way you can save audio that was clipped when a too high voltage hits the ADC. The scenario described here must have overgained the mixed channel, which can then be retrieved by downgaining. If they went to check in this case the 24bit iso tracks, these must have been undistorted. The case when you mixed wrong and lost the iso tracks is very rare. Or am I missing something? Unfortunately, Zaxcom is above my reach, and the SD limiters handle 10 or more dB of overshoot smoothly. I have to take care of gaining properly and keeping the right distance, the unfortunate rare cases of sudden shouts are "beyond my control". If I am too far away, no amount of gain will help getting the whisper, as it will be drowned in the surrounding noise. Thanks also for the tip about kortwich and Marenius!
  4. Thanks Frank! The mixpre3 does look like a really good option. But the reason I don't want to ditch the 633 is when I want to record 6 channels of music performance, I want it to be sample accurate, I don't think TC is that accurate, or it may drift a bit. Also, I sometimes still do the professional job as a soundengineer, on smaller documentaries TV stuff. And, this is maybe just my opinion, but I do think preamps are better on 633 - I have recorded classical/acoustic performance with mixpre10, and it did perform beautifully, and I used all 8 preamps, but I did feel like there is a slight lack of fullness. Just because of that extra depth of sound, 6 preamps + 2 line inputs, at some point, I would upgrade to 833. But yes, mixpre in a fanny pack could actually work, even on the talent in some cases. And with it, I could ditch the usbpre in my bag. The only bummer is, the mixpre does not output 3 tracks, I can only send out LR mix and I am back at 5 preamps. If it had the extra option of outputting 3 iso tracks, I would already have it Thanks Daniel (and Iron for update on Tascam - I would consider it)! But saramonic and deity I would not trust to be clean enough for any music or soundscapes. nor do they have any TC included. Even Zaxcom, I know it is extra small, but I would rather have extra clean, and it is even pricier than A10. But you are right to point out why putting a 4018 on a camera - it would be a waste to have this good mic recording people from afar. And it would not stay on the camera all the time. I will be working in an environment where natural habitat and its acoustics will play an important role. And for ease of use. I will be hanging out with people for days. I just want to be able to grab the gear, turn on record on the camera and the recorder, when things start happening, without cables all around me after a few minutes. Or if I just wanna put down the camera to do something else and get back to shooting in a couple of minutes. But yes, Ideally it should be able to get off the camera, and on the mini boom pole real quick. But, as I am alone I might not do this often. It seems now after the discussion, I need a mixpre AND a minirecorder - for the talent - and then I do not need the PP on it, just in case my talent goes far away from me, as a back up. then either tascam or saramonic would be totally fine for the job, and extra light. Maybe the tentacles would provide for extra back up with the tc capability. I am writing a lot, please bear with me, the thing is, once i am in the field, alone, I will not be able to go out and buy new stuff for months, need to be ready for most cases: walk in the forest, on a boat, small private talks in the middle of the night, community meetings, music performances, festivities, etc., I can improvise, use help from the locals, but I will be more or less on my own.
  5. Hello everybody, I have been following discussions here for a long time and find this place a valuable source of information with many experts and just want to say I really appreciate this site and all the knowledge people share. I am about to do a long term field work, probably in a remote area, and want to make an ethnographic movie. Topic: everyday life of a local musician(s). So the highest audio quality is most important. Any interview can easily transform into a musical piece. So far I have been using SD 633 with a pair of DPA4006s or 4060s as an AB for recording musical performances. Sometimes using 4060s as spot mics - together with usbpre i have 5 preamps. Plus a mirrorless on a tripod with inbuilt sound as pilot for sync and for ambient sound. This works well for static scenes. I recently got a 4018c that will go on a camera for dialogue/interviews, or be used as a spot mic. I can use the 633 around my belt/in a bag for it and run around with my camera. I will probably want to go away from the camera, and if the mic is connected to my 633-bag it may become a hassle. A10 from audio ltd - as far as I know it is the only minirecorder with PP and high audio quality, but it is a bit expensive. Is there any other minirecorder that would do this mic justice? Also, I could use this minirecorder on my main character with a 4060, and then use the 4018 on boom pole or the camera, cabled to 633. Or use it as a 6th preamp. Or plant the 4018 somewhere. Maybe the new tentacles, but it doesnt have the PP - with Ambient PP could work , but that is just another piece I dont want to deal with. Or mixpre 3 that I can attach to the camera, but then mixpre3 is too big as a pocket. Is the A10 without using its Tx worth the money? So I am a bit running in circles and don't know what to do. Does anyone see any solution to this conundrum? Sorry for such a long first post
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