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    15 years of post experience in Colorado and California but that was 15 years ago. Getting back into not only the post side of things but production. I have a lot to learn!
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  1. When I was researching the MixPre 6 II and timecode options I saw a test where the person jam synced it using a tentacle sync and then unplugged it for 3-4 hours. When comparing timecode it seems the MixPre 6 II lost a frame or two within that time period. However, as you would expect, keeping a tentacle sync plugged into the MixPre 6 II and one into a camera there was zero frame loss during an entire day of shooting. For me I just keep the tentacle sync's plugged in to everything all the time.
  2. I have been, and still am, an ER nurse for the last 12 years. Over the last 8 months I have had more face mask time than in the 12 years before that. To answer a few questions in this thread. 1) Yes we do wear masks with ear loops in them. Usually you would wear them in you went into a room that required them, or during traumas.. Now we wear them for a 12 hours shifts every day. It leads you face swollen, embed marks on your face, destroys your ears and is generally unpleasant. - There are straps you can buy that will keep the loops off your ears but they come with thei
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