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  1. Maybe I should have given the context, because you cannot guess. I have worked over ten years as live sound engineer, for hundreds shows with hundreds bands. Noise is not a topic in live sound. A Shure Beta98 has over 30dB self noise. When miking the 130dB of a saxophone a few centimetres away, it still provides 100dB S/N ratio. If I set the preamp gain over 36dB, I wonder where’s the problem. What I am doing here is “calibrating my expectations and habits”. I did the calculation in the first post to check whether 40dB between voice and noise is acceptable or if I am completely mis
  2. I read these topics about cheap mics, and this is why I focused on the usual suspects: Oktava/Audix/AT. I did not expect that figures would tell about the whole quality, nor would they help about mic placement. However, I think figures help understanding where a problem may come from. It could even tell that I am expecting too much from a mike on a boom in that situation, and I should switch to lavs for example. I would rather know before spending $500 whether a SCX-1 would help in terms of S/N ratio. It seems not much. Since I liked the sound of the M88 during my tests, I suppose
  3. Hello, I am learning location sound recording, practising as an enthusiast. I first try to use what I already have, and if necessary, I may invest a bit. These days, I focus on recording dialog. I would like to check whether buying an Audix SCX-1 / AT4053b / MK012 would improve the quality. I have a Beyer M88-TG, hypercardioïd, 2,9mV/Pa. I recorded my voice 40cm away from the mouth (acceptable for a close-up). The recorder is a USB soundcard, a Behringer UMC204HD. Although being an entry level device, pres are rather clean, EIN supposed to be -129dBu. I meas
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