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  1. Stacy: STOP! The serial number for the 688 is in in the 9th pic. Its already confirmed as the same. All you are doing by asking is alerting and potentially spooking the seller. Let the authorities and/or the owner handle this.
  2. Your stolen gear is on Ebay right now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/USED-688-Sound-Device-BUNDLE-with-Orca-Bag-Transmitters-Batteries-Cables-/322642806820
  3. Absolutely. why bother to purchase a $75 set of cables or 8 XLR=>1/4" adapters when you can spend $4-6,000 to but a 2nd 788T as a backup and not have to spend an extra 2 minutes when you switch to a backup in an emergency situation. Makes perfect sense.
  4. Seriously, a set of cables that end in a 1/4 plug or an XLR to 1/4 plug adapter would prevent you from using this machine?
  5. Sounds like a one-way mod. Can you revert back to the original?? Also, do the 788 knobs attach with super glue, the hex screws, or are they just popped on (i.e., easily popped off)?
  6. Well, that's the nature of cards that have not been confirmed as compatible by the manufacturer; inconsistent results. Your results are totally expected and, are in no way a dispositive indicator of an issue with your machine. Now, if you had one of the approved cards and that card gave you issues, then there would be cause for concern. However, that concern would not necessarily be with your machine; it could still be a card issue (either the manufacturer put the card on the approved list without adequate testing or, as happened with Sound Devices this past year, the card manufacturer had some bad batches).
  7. Greyfoxx: you do know that Zoom has a list of compatible cards on its website and, DELKIN is not on the list. ZoomF8_compatible-SD-cards(1).pdf
  8. Hi Zoom Official: I think a very attractive feature would be a automatic mixing function. Since it could be 100% software driven, it could be rolled out in an update. I can tell you that similar functions on the SD 788 and 688 are popular capabilities, especially for seminars/panel discussions where multiple mics are employed, but usually only one person speaks at a time.
  9. Tracks can be independently assigned to the Main and Sub outs! Main 1/2=> camera sends, sub 1=> boom op send, sub 2 => IFBs. Very nice Everything can be controlled with an iPad!
  10. Last I heard, neither Pro-Sound nor any retailer requires a buyer to state the intended use prior to placing an order.
  11. Fred: On a FB group page for mixers, one of the members said that he had been working with Zoom for months, giving them feedback on what pros are looking for. Let's hope you are right and the manager and corporate took heed. We'll soon see. "James Appleton I've been talking with Zoom for the past 8 months about this (I used to be in a band with their marketing manager- you've seen him in the NAB/NAMM videos). I constantly gave input as to what we need on a daily basis, sent videos of my 788 set-up in the bag explaining bag stuff and what we always need, etc so I expect this thing to be pretty cool and at minimum a perfect starter or backup recorder. I should be getting my hands on one to test drive soon and will report back with my initial thoughts. But there's been a lot of thought and work put into this bad boy."
  12. https://www.vocalboothtogo.com/testimonials/104 or this https://www.vocalboothtogo.com/acoustic-and-soundproofing-products-vocal-booths/mobile-acoustic-vocal-booths/acoustical-vocal-booth--3-x-3/10-54#ja-pathway Great legs, BTW
  13. http://www.locationsound.com/zoom-f8-8-channel-multitrack-recorder-with-time-code-2904
  14. uhmmmm, what the heck was that, Rotten? Jeff is correct. Zaxcom had the action dismissed because they came to a settlement. It was dismissed in a way that they can bring the case again, if TEAC doesn't abide by whatever bargain was struck. With regards to that bargain, I will speculate: Pulling tidbits from multiple sources, it appears that the settlement will be that no TA5 versions will be sold anywhere in the world, and the other versions will not be sold directly in the US (except the XLR plug-on). Its a business deal, not a victory or a loss.
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