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  1. Are they also better in terms of RF interference handling as well, or just sound/built quality ?
  2. Thanks to everyone here for very helpful answers! I'll be aiming at 411/UM400a for now. How much does it generally cost to reblock (an old) system by Lectrosonics or anyone else in case if I the recommend block is overcrowded? Can they be reblocked to ANY Lectros block or there's a limitation to that?
  3. Better resistance to interference while maintaining small size and being lightweight for "in-the-bag" use. Thanks for the rest of the information.
  4. Thanks, I will take a look at those. So will 401 and 411 be better than things like Sennheiser AVX or G4? Lectrosonics keep literature explaining their product line away from public and only explain it to actual customers over other phone tech support, don't they? I was unable to find any info explaining their products...
  5. Are there any old Lectrosonics systems that cost around $700 per channel used, that would be overall better than Sennheiser AVX? What models would that be? I want to get into Lectro world but can't spend $2,500+ per channel as of now.
  6. I meant dead space in the front. The space that would have been used to get a mic 2 inches closer to sound source. I guess I'll have to call Roycote and ask them.
  7. I got from a video that they recommend front end of mic not to recede into that rounding cup area. Because I've never held an Roycote windshield in my hands, I don't understand whether that bar that holds two mic suspension clips can be moved towards the front, and if suspension clips in all of their windshields (WS4, Super Windshield and 416) can be moved into different positions on that bar. So I don't understand how close to front end a smaller mic (mkh50) can be moved in their WS4 or 416 kits. I've been there, the MKH 50 page is not working :))
  8. Can anyone recommend a good blimp with softie that would be suitable for MKH 50 (153mm) and MKH 416 without dead space on the front with either of the mics? If I understand correctly, Roycote's Super-Shield Kit, Medium is for 200 to 250mm, so in case of MKH 50 (153mm) there will be nearly 50mm dead space on the front?
  9. Hi all. What are disadvantages of recording multitrack directly to a smartphone via an audio interface like RME Babyface instead of a dedicated recorders like Sound Devices or Zoom? I understand synchronization won't be an option as phones won't generate sync code. What about other aspects? Reliability etc? Has anyone done that as a sound mixer for film?
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