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  1. Hi folks We’ve been using an 888 and MCR54 combo recently as a (admittedly overpowered) RF drop bag for some gigs, and running back to a desk via dante. RF RX is direct out to dante which can be picked up remotely. Its mostly excellent, but we’re noticing there are occasional low level clicks on the audio… can’t work out if it’s sync or RF. dante controller shows no errors and our dante set up is rock solid. This is across multiple shows with otherwise licensed and coordinated frequencies, using both wisy and Shure TX in different companding modes… sometimes at once, sometimes not. Anyone noticed anything similar? It’s not awful - just present enough to be irritating.
  2. Hi all anyone know whether the SRX220 will work in an SL-2 with an 888? Would love to be able to use an M/S wireless along with our MCR54 lavs, and this looks like the only option. I know I could use another Zax RX in the bag, but like the idea of keeping it tidy in the slot. boop
  3. Hey @ProSound… slightly OT but I’ve missed the news on 4 channel RX other than the Wisy, and can’t find info on any others. What others are you referring to? cheers!
  4. I was almost certain this worked before on an older firmware… I’m looking to use an iPhone and the USB-C socket on the 888 for some simple playback. Oddly it works with my iPad no problem, but I’d rather be able to slip a phone (not my phone - an older one for this sole purpose) in the bag when its not being used. Anyone have any wisdom on the subject? The iPhone doesn’t detect the 888 as an audio interface…I’m using an official USB-C to lightning cable. Thank you!
  5. Yeah we’ve had a tonne of hassle with this in our radio station… ideally we’d use iOS devices with USB audio interfaces. Works absolutely fine with zoom, but for some reason apple restricts FaceTime to headphone jack, Bluetooth or speaker. Like others have said - FaceTime on a mac is your best bet, otherwise you could maybe use a Bluetooth interface like a dante Bluetooth or JK audio one to get the audio.
  6. Hey folks! Just wondering if there is any update on the RX8? The point in the year where the budget for this period magically evaporates is fast approaching, and it’d be great to be able to purchase all our new RF this side of the financial year!
  7. Have you guys considered NDI? Bird Dog make really cheap full bandwidth NDI HDMI encoders which you can view on a laptop, iPad or phone. NDI HX is easier to pass over WiFi, and encoders are available from a bunch of companies like Kiloview. It’s definitely not the neatest solution, but because its just regular IP you can use specialised point to point APs from Ubiquiti, cable if its available (which can be helpful when you’re inside a building). It is also point to multipoint so there is no real limit on how many receivers you can use. You obviously still have the issue that you’re in the WiFi band, but at least you have the choice of channels with the Ubiquiti gear, and can even upgrade to WiFi6.
  8. Y’know i think this might be the way... for something ultra-compact maybe popping a couple of 4097s in barrels in 2 of the inputs, and like you say - its probably light enough to go on a rycote handle I thought these only put out 3V or so for Lavs?
  9. Hi folks This is my first post here so hello and nice to meet you all! I've been lurking around here for a while so thank you for all the informative posts! I'm looking for a handy recorder with integrated stereo mic... something the size of a zoom H6 with its stereo shotgun attachment, but much better quality. Does such a thing exist? I work for a big broadcaster and we are well served with larger sound devices gear, but I'm looking for something I can chuck in my bag for FX gathering or on-the-hoof bits. 10 years ago or so a lot of our producers had handheld nagra recorders with stereo mics. They suffered quite a bit from RF interference and were pretty fiddly but (at least to my memory) sounded great and had really low noise floors. I basically want a handheld thingy that I can plug straight onto a CMS-50. I had a thought that the zaxcom plugon transmitters are nearly what I'm after, but I don't really need the TX bit! A zoom H6 with F6 pre's and A/D would be perfect! Cheers all.
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