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  1. I was with the Hartford, for business insurance a long, long time ago. They dropped me and the entire insurance pool that I was in(did away with the policy they were offering), after several large claims(not from me). I believe Liberty was the next insurer I had. I had a large theft while out of town on a job, and without insurance at that time, I could have never recovered. It was a $40K+ claim. Every penny paid. No fuss or pushback. $25,000 is nothing to sneeze at, and if you have had no reason to make a claim, on the surface it seems like the smart move. But $25K wouldn’t even cover replacing a single zoom lens of mine, much less my audio package or even scratch the surface of my entire gear package. Yeah, it hurts and I hate paying all those thousands of dollars every year in insurance premiums, but it’s less painful than if I had to replace hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment without it.
  2. I only carry Li-ion batts in my carry-on. I never check them. Mine break apart into two halves to meet carry-on restrictions and I tape the contacts. I don't think I've ever had anyone at screening say anything about them, but they are legal, so I don't worry about that anyway.
  3. And the Rycote doesn’t F-up the threads on the pole, either.
  4. These are what I’m using, too. Easy in, easy out and feel solid.
  5. Remote Audio. They built me several similar cables so that I could use my Lectro wired Sankens with the Tentacle Track E's.
  6. Not exactly the same, but shows how it's effecting the entire market: Earlier this year, right after SD announced the suspension of production of some of their mixers, including the 833, I saw some 633's on the used market going for more than I had paid for my 633 when I bought it brand new.
  7. Unfortunately, the prices on most things keep going up. Some manufacturers have tried to maintain prices for as long as they could and others even gave very public warnings of many weeks or months before. But SD seemed to raise their prices annually(maybe a little longer…), anyway. Whether it’s the same percentage jump that you just saw, I don’t know, but I just got used to seeing their prices increase pretty much year-over-year. In the past, I’ve even bought (pre-ordered) their gear at launch and by the time it actually started shipping a few months later, they had already increased prices.
  8. Any plans (or ability) to make it work with the 822 or something like an RF Explorer? I've been wondering why we haven't had a mobile app that could scan RF and handle freq. coord to avoid intermod.
  9. I’m presuming you are doing this at NCCU in a few days. The description, your location and the timing can’t all just be coincidence. I was on the first two of this series of four shoots(presuming your shoot is part of it…). I was one of the cameras and one of my guys handled the audio. I don’t remember the exact way he set it up, but he ran two Schoeps 641’s, two Sanken CS-3e’s and two Sanken COS-11’s. And did multiple takes for audio, removing and adding certain sections(drum line, for instance)(it also helped that he was also in the band at a large university, so he knew what was going on). Mic’ ing was all in front of the band, some elevated, some ground level, behind cameras(more or less, as they all move around at some point), where they were playing towards. Presuming it will be like our first two, it will be in the empty basketball arena where the team plays. It’s all for camera, so no audience, but mics were kept in a static location for all performances(there should be numerous takes of each song), as cameras moved around and shot every performance for different angles. It’s a fun shoot and would love to be there, but the school kept changing dates and we were already booked when they finally nailed this one down 100%. I can reach out to my guy and see if he can talk to you about how he did it.
  10. I bought one back around August(?) and have been using it mostly with some block 22 SMQV's and UH400A's. No issues, so far with digital hybrids. It's been rock solid. I used it one time with one of my audio guys that has a digital camera hop system, and even with the line out maxed(+7 vs. +5 on SR's), the levels were still a little low. Not sure if this is a "fully digital" thing or not(not sure how audio had his Tx's set, so...). So from a performance perspective with digital hybrids, it's been great. From an operational perspective, I don't like the screen itself(very hard to see, ultra tiny text/graphics and actually prefer the LCD dot matrix of the SR's/411A'S, etc.), the freq. scan or freq. set vs. the SR's. But it's great having a receiver that basically works with almost every transmitter they've made in the last ~20 years across six blocks.
  11. I’m no expert on the matter, but have you run the freq’s/blocks you’re operating on through an intermod app/calculator like Freq Finder? I don’t know what blocks/chs you’re running, so this is completely unscientific and anecdotal (and sorta useless without knowing the blocks) but just for the heck I added an A10 Tx into my list(band A) and scrolled to a random freq and got intermod warnings for three Lectro Tx’s(two in block 22 and one in A1).
  12. Yep. I have two 3e’s, an M1, 641 and MKH50. The 3e’s see probably at least 90% of the action. They seem to be at home in almost any reasonable situation you throw them.
  13. Yeah... I've gotta get up at 4:45am for a shoot. Maybe I'll read it on my next ~five hour west coast flight... 😉
  14. Can someone explain to me how they can make the reach to force these companies to disable the headphone out jacks on these recorders(in the US) while they are recording? What was the argument and was it as simple as saying, "Well, someone COULD use the headphone out jack to feed a wireless transmitter" and the US Patent Office was like, "Okie Dokie..."? It seems like IF they are able to make some type of argument for that, then they could apply it to ANY recording device that isn't Zaxcom. But my Sound Devices recorders still have functioning headphone jacks while they're recording...
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