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  1. Hello, I have a special request from a friend. She would like to improve the sound of a conference room. There is actually a camera with a small microphone near the camera.It is a medium room with 8 people around a table. If possible, she would like avoid microphone on the table, because the people have a lot of papers to show,... My idea is to suspend a microphone from the roof to the middle of the table. So my question : the choice of the microphone?Omni or cardio?Or maybe a stéréo smal microphone if the camera allowed stéréo input?I can provide phantom power. I don't need broadcast quality, it is only for conférence call. I m open to all good solutions. Best regards.
  2. Hello, shooting with Alexa mini yesterday on a Movi (Stab one). Due to the stupid placement of the TC connector, it was impossible to keep the TC box plugged. The TC connector is exactly in front of the rig, so with a straight LEMO, the plug is touching the rig. So I jam on each battery change. No return yet from the post production. For the sound, the input is lemo plug. Lockable but not usual.
  3. I also red that a simple stéréo mini trs to mini stéréo trs could work. Can someone confirm this.
  4. Hello, I need to send a scratch track to a red Dragon. The DOP cam don't have any wooden camera box or so...What is the good wiring from sennheiser G3 TRS to red input TRS? I have seen a lot of comments but nothing very clear.
  5. New can parts, nice with the Orca. Thanks http://www.customcans.co.uk/ ;-)
  6. Hello Strei, because of the folding mechanism, had to drill 2 holes in the vertical bar to attach the shelf with the Magliner system. So not possible to adjust the height. For transportation, I remove the shelf (2 big screws), the low part with drawers and the middle drawer systems. I takes less than 10 minutes to mount or unmount the cart.
  7. Hello, is it possible to use the new Lectrosonics L serie with sennheiser IEM 300 receivers? My idea is to use a Lectro L serie for hop to the master camera (TX and RX) and my old G3 recievers for secondary cams and IFB. It will be an improvement to have a diversity system, full quality link for the master cam. As I already own 5 IEM and G3 recievers, I don't want to buy full new systems. If I use the L series in analog mode, is it completely stupid?
  8. olphi

    Cart pics

    Tis is my version of the magliner. I use a foldable magliner, easier to put in the trunk. I would like to change the handle by the same as yours but magliner parts are not easy to find here in Europe.
  9. Hello Jeff, I 've put it in the sound cart Gallery. I will edit the infos if it is possible. I love this small set up. Ready in 10 minutes. Top of the sound quality with the SX S6 in front of the SD 664. Next update : small shelf on the back with cup holder, usb charging station for iphone and right angled handles. Best regards.
  10. Yes, magliner shelf. MAG 01 VS NAG.http://www.adorama.com/BKMAG01VSN.html but not easy to find in Europe. I receive the last one from France.
  11. My last project. 5 wireless, 1 boom. 2 different sets at the same time with in ear return. Very funny and proud of the result. Cart out of my trunk and ready in 10 minutes ;-).
  12. Top drawers : http://www.decathlon.be/csb-3-drawers-id_8303110.html Bottom : Stanley T stak fatmax III and IV http://fr.stanleyworks.be/products/subcat/Syst%C3%A8mes+de+Rangement/Bo%C3%AEtes+%C3%A0+Outils+FatMax%C2%AE+Tstak The bungie cord is now replace by a black adjustable strap ;-)
  13. Hello, this is my new cart. Must be portable and based on my bag. I use a foldable Magliner, Stanley Fatmax drawer and fishing accessories drawers (side opening). Just have to place my bag on the shelf and connect the sonosax to my SD 664. I do mostly doco and sometimes commercials. Thats why I choose to keep my bag in priority. 2 big drawers 2 small drawers 2 mini drawers 1 side opening drawer Just have to add a HD/SDI monitor.
  14. In regard of the new products from sound devices, I will be interested by a SL-6 MINI. With just the RF distribution part + USB charging dock + 4 Hi-rose power distribution. A sort of PSC RF multi SMA + power distribution.
  15. Hello, the kortwich site is now available in English. http://www.filmtontechnik.de/en/
  16. Hello, finally, one of my favorite supplier here in europe for useful bits is now in English. This is one of the useful tools they make : http://www.filmtontechnik.de/en/products-from-kortwich/mic-adapter-3pol-lemo/
  17. Thanks Peter. It will be sony F55 caméras. What TC sinc box can do double frame rate?
  18. OK 25 for the SD 664 but is it possible to sync the 50 FPS cameras with the Ambient ACL 201? Do I have to sync all the TC box with my SD664 and then output TC via the BNC with 2 différents FPS? Sorry but I m lost.
  19. Hello, i m shooting a multi caméra situation with some cameras are rolling at 25 FPS and others in 50 FPS. What is the best practice for sync? I m recording with my SD664 and Ambient ACL 201 TC box. There is only 25 FPS on the Ambient TC logger. I thought to make a clap but maybe is there a better solution? Best regards.
  20. Hello, a friend of mine is looking for sound mixers contacts in Los Angeles. You can send your profile to noonz@noonz.be for more informations. I don't know more about the project. Best regards.
  21. Hello, impossible to format transcend 32Gb since 2 days. All recordings are fine. Never have problems with Sandisk, so...Go for sandisk .
  22. Here : http://www.sciriusgallery.com/F_frame.html?http://www.sciriusgallery.com/
  23. Hello, I just found these remote holders and use them as dividers for my orca bags. Fits perfectly.
  24. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/967820-REG/audio_ltd_900_332_neoprene_pouch.html
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