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    Having worked on both commercial and film projects worldwide; with compositions performed by a variety of ensembles, and work recently being showcased on BBC Radio 6. An enthusiastic and active post-modern composer and sound engineer, with a rapidly growing portfolio of work that showcases both hybridity and artistic innovation.
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  1. I'm using starquad cables with neutriks the whole time! I think Mungo is right, it's an old design in a new world and maybe needs chucking! What XY mics are you guys using that don't have interference?
  2. Guys I'm finding this works best: I pop the bag on the cart for 40% of the day, and 40% of the other times it perches on whatever nearby surfaces/floor, then I'm only wearing it for the final 20% that I'm really running around (say with a steady cam). Saves my back hugely! Thanks for sharing this Jon, looks great!
  3. Hey Guys, I often use a pair of NT5's plugged into channels 1 and 2 of my 833 with balanced cables in XY for recording ambiance. I find that they quite often pick up interference from mobiles/radios with beep beep beep data noises. Has anyone else had this issue? Did you resolve it? Any recommended ambiance mics that don't do this? Thanks
  4. I think you hit the nail on the head here, I guess if you want dante, it has to be integrated into the recorder. This is how I get AES also. (although still saving up for wireless that actually supports AES!)
  5. Hey All, This isn't for a specific gig, just thinking generally and wondering if anyone else has cool setup for this. Has anyone tried implementing there 833 into Dante networks, perhaps with AES to Dante converters? I bought my 833 with XL-AES about 8 months ago, and now I'm recently discovering Dante, and I'm sad that the 833 doesn't natively link with it. Anyone got any cool ideas?
  6. I had an old rode blimp for mine, recently switched to a Pianissimo, the thing is amazing, highly recommend!
  7. Hey Guys, Just thought I'd update you and anyone else reading this thread. I've taken into account all of your advise and done the following: Re soldered some of my wires to reduce unused cable length and adapters (thus reducing weight) Switched my receivers to be powered by bag battery rather than individual batteries Bought the KShrn3 Harness (which works a treat, but is tricky to take on and off) Started putting the bag down more often and carrying it less Build a small diy cart for plopping it down into when out and about All of this has worked a real treat, I no longer have severe back pain when leaving set! You can see a picture of the DIY cart attached, nothing fancy at all, but does help a lot with lugging round gear and saving your back! Thanks
  8. Thanks guys for all of your input! I think I'd be looking at a schoeps figure of 8 too. Hmm perhaps you are right that I should get the ms blimp and just use it in mono for now... Thanks very much for the contact details, I'll ping them an email!
  9. Thanks Constantin, I've tried scouring google for their website/contact details, but couldn't find them... am I being a numpty, or are they impossible to find?
  10. I really like both the MKH50 and the Schoeps MK41, I went with the schoeps in the end, but they are both brilliant indoor mics!
  11. Hey Guys, Thinking of getting a Cinela Pianissimo for my MKH8060. I'd like the option to add Mid/Side later on, so was wondering if any existing cinela users could tell me how they setup? Do you have two different mounts/lyres and you switch between the mounts and cables when going from Mono to MS? Is it even possible to buy the mounts seperately later on? Thanks
  12. Hey Ya'll! This is something that's been discussed on here before, but it doesn't seem to be recent, so I wondered if anyone has any new information! It'd be great to have a dipole attached to harness/headphones. I've had a whip stuck up there for a couple months and its been working great, but I'm aware that the lack of ground plane is probably stopping it reaching the full potentially. Today I've bongo-tied a SNA600 up, but its very rigid, and I'm worried about poking someones eye out when I lav them up. Does anyone know of any flexible dipoles? Or if there is a way to attach two flexi-whips together to make a half-length dipole? Something to get up and out of the bag by being attached to the harness? Thanks
  13. This looks great, I'd really like to make/buy one of these!
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