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    Having worked on both commercial and film projects worldwide; with compositions performed by a variety of ensembles, and work recently being showcased on BBC Radio 6. An enthusiastic and active post-modern composer and sound engineer, with a rapidly growing portfolio of work that showcases both hybridity and artistic innovation.
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  1. I had an old rode blimp for mine, recently switched to a Pianissimo, the thing is amazing, highly recommend!
  2. Hey Guys, Just thought I'd update you and anyone else reading this thread. I've taken into account all of your advise and done the following: Re soldered some of my wires to reduce unused cable length and adapters (thus reducing weight) Switched my receivers to be powered by bag battery rather than individual batteries Bought the KShrn3 Harness (which works a treat, but is tricky to take on and off) Started putting the bag down more often and carrying it less Build a small diy cart for plopping it down into when out and about All of this has worked a real treat, I no longer have severe back pain when leaving set! You can see a picture of the DIY cart attached, nothing fancy at all, but does help a lot with lugging round gear and saving your back! Thanks
  3. Thanks guys for all of your input! I think I'd be looking at a schoeps figure of 8 too. Hmm perhaps you are right that I should get the ms blimp and just use it in mono for now... Thanks very much for the contact details, I'll ping them an email!
  4. Thanks Constantin, I've tried scouring google for their website/contact details, but couldn't find them... am I being a numpty, or are they impossible to find?
  5. I really like both the MKH50 and the Schoeps MK41, I went with the schoeps in the end, but they are both brilliant indoor mics!
  6. Hey Guys, Thinking of getting a Cinela Pianissimo for my MKH8060. I'd like the option to add Mid/Side later on, so was wondering if any existing cinela users could tell me how they setup? Do you have two different mounts/lyres and you switch between the mounts and cables when going from Mono to MS? Is it even possible to buy the mounts seperately later on? Thanks
  7. Hey Ya'll! This is something that's been discussed on here before, but it doesn't seem to be recent, so I wondered if anyone has any new information! It'd be great to have a dipole attached to harness/headphones. I've had a whip stuck up there for a couple months and its been working great, but I'm aware that the lack of ground plane is probably stopping it reaching the full potentially. Today I've bongo-tied a SNA600 up, but its very rigid, and I'm worried about poking someones eye out when I lav them up. Does anyone know of any flexible dipoles? Or if there is a way to attach two flexi-whips together to make a half-length dipole? Something to get up and out of the bag by being attached to the harness? Thanks
  8. This looks great, I'd really like to make/buy one of these!
  9. Some great advice, thanks Jon, couldn't agree more about rates... although glad you mentioned it because I guess the initial reaction might be to start with a lower price when you move, but you are right, better to make sure you look after the people already there!
  10. Hey Guys, So I've been self employed for about 4 years now, living in the countryside, and I've built up a real nice bunch of contacts. Problem is that for various reasons I'd like to move to a city, potentially in a different country... either-way, quite a long way from where I am now. I'm thinking of taking on some projects back here sometimes, but realistically I suspect it won't take long for the network I've built up to fall apart. So I'd need to build a new network of people fast! I just wondering if any of you had experience with moving long distances as either a sound recordist, post-production soundie, or music composer? Would be great to hear your 2 cents based on your own experiences. Thanks guys!
  11. I suspect it'll be multi band and include the higher dme stuff!
  12. Anyone know how waterproof/resistant these are? Is it an expensive paperweight if it's dropped down the loo by cast?
  13. I'm not 100%, but I'm pretty sure they are releasing a new version of the 2 ch receiver soon... might be worth waiting a few months?
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