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  1. Aha. @IronFilm, that would be a smart, but pretty annoying move. It isn't the case, though. I'm a solo videographer and I do work in lower end corporate gigs. When I can, I work on indie passion projects. (You can check here that I do exist and have nothing to do with any brands: https://vimeo.com/leonardodias) I have the Sennheiser wireless kit ew G3 and I've been looking for a second unit, so I can make 2-person interviews without the need to rent. Before going straight to a G4, I've been searching the market for more budget-friendly options and someone recommended me this site, as the peo
  2. Has anybody tried the "Hollyland Lark 150" budget wireless kit? Would it be worth considering for small interviews and indie/student films, with 2 people talking to each other? Or is is a toy? I've seen some rave reviews, but the price seems really low for what you get (2 mics, 2 deadcats, 2 transmitters, 1 dual receiver, 1 charging case), so I don't know if they were biased.
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