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    I do mostly post work, but also some location sound since not too long ago. You can find me under www.martinscheuter.com
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  1. Hi everyone! Was wondering if anyone experienced a similar thing. I had a shoot with a newly bought 833, wired 8060 directly to mic1 with phantom on obviously (and set to 48v). After about hour of shooting, the signal gets reeeally crunchy and distorted, i talk to the producer and switch to wireless MCR54 via AES on input 1. Everything is fine again. Since then, the 8060 just won't work on input 1 anymore! It sounds fine first, but after around 20min, the same thing happens. Until all i get is just a distorted mess. I don't have that problem on input 1 with a rode nt5, and the 8060 works fine on all other inputs. I assume this has something to do with phantom power not delivered correctly, and the fact that input 1 is also capable of accepting AES signals. Any ideas? Thanks! Been in touch with sound devices already, they offered to take a look at it very swiftly. test sd 833 micpre1.mp3
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, glad to be here. So i bought an 833, and am quite surprised that there are not really good powering options on my eyes. I can't get my hands on a smartbattery-cup with two outputs to Hirose/Ta4. So i'd have to go the route of using a hirose-Ta4 cable, which isn't really supported due to the increased power draw (I wouldn't use onboard charging though). How do you power your 8-Series? Thanks and happy recording - Martin
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