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    I'm a student, I like old technology that also helps me with my studies. I'm a Youtuber, but I don't do it professionally, more as a hobby.

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  1. Okay, calibration requires instrumentation that Nagra III does not have on board. If they have the instruments, nothing stands in the way of the project. I remembered one thing that I forgot. On mine, the heads were so worn that they had the effect you describe. (If you press your finger against the tape during playback, the sound will improve if you lap the heads). After I have refurbished the sound heads, the level differences were completely gone and the sound was crystal clear again. This procedure for reconditioning is called "Läppen". As for th
  2. Well, they have a schematic and block diagram to help them find errors, but I have to say that Kudelski was very picky about what they used to build Nagra. We are not talking about an Uher Report or a Revox, Telefunken Studer... Normally I always change electrolytic capacitors, but Nagra has electrolytic capacitors that were really only found in military applications. I know also no Nagra which quit the service because of broken Elkos. If you have a component tester, unsolder the suspected electrolytic capacitors, test them and replace them if they are defective, but I
  3. Good that I could help them. It is not normal to short-circuit the Nagra. Read the instructions and test it.
  4. Ok this is going to be a little more difficult. I think someone has changed something on their Nagra. I guess judging by their location they should be able to speak perfect English and (if they haven't done so, have a look at the user manual) (https://www.nagraaudio.com/product/nagra-iii/ scroll down to downloads ) First the belts: The Nagra has 3 round (!) belts: 2x 90mm x 2.5mm or 3mm 1x 64-66mm x2,5mm I can't explain the exchange exactly, but if you have some time I will make a video about how to exchange all three belts without having to
  5. Hello, I'm new here and to be honest I don't know exactly where my topic belongs. I have had a Nagra III for 3 years (was my dream to have one). Now a week ago the belts started to give problems and I ordered new ones which will arrive next week. At the same time another error has crept in that I just can't find. When I record via microphone, the recording is crystal clear, but when I record via the two line inputs, the recording is simply muffled. Well, let's make it short: I'm looking for a service manual that says how to tune the Nagra
  6. The easiest way is to buy a screwdriver bit set with slotted screws that fit exactly into the screws. This is how I was able to loosen the extremely tight screws of my Nagra III. Important! If you loosen the bottle screws, you may have to readjust the tape tension. My procedure for my Nagra III was as follows: Remove the power supply and/or batteries and switch the Nagra on to discharge the remaining current. (Then switch off again). When removing the motor, make sure that they do not touch the tachometer head, otherwise, as far as I know, there is not really mu
  7. Compare the picture in the service manual on page 2 with your Nagra. Consider "Operating Instructions German". So you can endure you mistakes. On the other pages there is something about the engine and the traction forces that must have tape and how to set them. Quickly everything in German, but written very sparingly. On the last pages there is again something in English. https://www.nagraaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Bedienungsanleitung-Nagra-III-Deutsch.pdf https://www.nagraaudio.com/product/nagra-iii/ Let's tell it like it is, my English sucks, but I hope you u
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