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  1. Bems

    Protogear - bag

    I am about to order a custom protogear bag for my bagjobs. I have just a sonosax r4+, 2 audio limited a10 rx and a cameraloop. Any usefull hints or things you wished you ordered as a customization for your order? I am adding threaded attachment points for antennas. Are you happy with the quality of protgears bag? What harness is the best one for a small bag? Ktek or protogears own harness?
  2. Thank you Neil. The AS-62 looks great. I think that one fits my bag perfect. Does anyone have Any experiences going from wips to betso bowtie on the a10s?( or other small dipoles) How much more range do you get? Or do i need to go to sharkfins to notice a improvement ? (with only two recievers)
  3. Thank you Neil for the suggestion. I have a Sonosax r4+ and I am making a small custom bag to keep the size and weight as low as possible. The six pack would be to big.
  4. I have just bought a Audio Limited a10 system with 4 x tx and 2 rx. So far I am really happy with the sound and build quality but I am having range problems. The range when used on a talent is too short. I am using wips and I am working from a small bag. I would like to improve the range that I currently have with wips without using too much space and weight in my bag. So I am wondering what people suggest for antenna distro and antennas for two a10 recievers in a bag. I would like the option to expand to one more reciver so I am looking for 3+3 or more sma outputs. I ha
  5. Bems

    What is this?

    Is there a current product alternative ?
  6. Anyone have a email address or a website where I can contact Deborah ? ( If they are still selling out there inventory and offer international shipping )
  7. Are you happy with the range when you are not in the midle of the Sahara ?
  8. Thank you Moe for your detailed response. This is very helpful and points me in the audio limited direction. Do you Have any info regarding the new transmitter you are mentioning ? I do like the idea of a «Tiny a10». Do you think we are talking weeks, months or years? Thank you Jeff. I will have a second look at zaxcom.
  9. I am having a hard time deciding between buying 4 channels of wisycom (mcr54) and and 4 channels of audio limited (2 A10-RX ) It boils down to how much better is the sound quility on audio limited vs wisycom. Has anyone used them side by side for a while? Has anyone done a AB test? Are the wisycom users all happy with the soundquality? ( I am not in a position to test them both myself ) I also understand the range is better on wisycom. I understand the latest firmwares on audio ltd has helped but is anyone regretting buying the a10s because of limited range?
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