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  1. The Remote function is turned off, unfortunately...
  2. Hi, I have extra high pitches noise starts from 2750 Hz on SMWB with DPA4061/60, any advices? This number to Renee na Dean - what Country is it? US? thanks! best, IYS
  3. Hi Karl, Thanks for answering! I used them with DPA4061 and 4060, comp EU Hybrid, and NU, but actually tested with others to with the same results.. gain around 25/27 sometimes lower, but I didn’t see changes at hiss level much, didn’t try line level, but I pluged DPAs direct to the recorder and the sound was clear..
  4. Hi, I ve bought in September 2021 1x MCR42 Wisy, and 2x SRC lectro, and put everything to SL6 , the issue is that when I have all 3 units turned on, the MCR42 gets high extra noise on all spectrum (screenshot attached) , however when I turn off SRCs and restart SL6 with only MCR42 working , the noise disapear... any ideas appreciate (I changed output Analog/AES3, but when I turn on SRC it automatycly set on Analog, and cannot switch it anyway...), thx!
  5. Hi, I have the same situation with SMWB, I ve bought 3 units on September 2021 with SRC receivers and the hiss is still much recogizable even after turned off rc... (which I actually need to use), its starts at 2750 Hz... (screenshot attached) any ideas very appreciate, Thx!
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