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  1. Thanks all, I have been in touch with Pete in the past so I'll try him again. If anyone is in interested this is what it sounds like when I engage 48V Cheers
  2. Hi everyone, first post I have a 416T with a noise problem - I connect via a 48V adapter barrel (works fine with other 416Ts I have), enable 48V and about 5 sec later get a massive amount of noise with a crackling voice buried underneath. As I said the cables/adapter work 100% with other 416Ts I have. I've opened the mic up and can't see any loose or shorting wires...however touching around with a screwdriver while 48V is engaged does seem to make the noise disappear, leaving only the voice sometimes, in partic touching the wires that go from the bottom of the main wiring assembly down to the connectors. I've tried to remove the C-ring so I can open up the XLR part but can't get it out. Is it worth persisting there? I'm happy to pay to have it repaired but I'm in Japan and Sennheiser checked it and said it's OK (which it blatantly isn't) and all they offered me was replacing the guts with regular P48 innards at the same cost as a pricy 2nd hand 416. Unfort there doesn't seem to be anywhere else offering repairs here. I was in touch with Pete at 416tupgrade.com previously about something else but checking his site it seems they don't really do vanilla repairs though I would be fine with a 48V upgrade if it solved the issue. Any ideas? I'm all ears
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