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  1. I owned a $40 talentcell battery for my F4 and it powered it all day with multiple phantom powered mics, no problem. I believe Curtis Judd mentions it in one of his videos, and many others reference it online, too. I have since upgraded to a MixPre 10t with an inspired energy 98wh battery and BDS, and IMO anything less than that is a bit of a half measure (I cannot speak for a USB c battery with the MP6 but you can always tape down the connector if you're worried about it). If your use case stays the same, the Zoom and Talentcell will do a perfectly sufficient job at significantly less cost, a
  2. My 2c -- I do dialogue recording & urban ambience recording for films & ads in New York City. I own a Rode NTG3 and would not really consider using it on its own for recording urban ambiences and soundscapes here in New York. (I have not used more expensive shotgun microphones for this purpose so I can't really comment on them) To my ear, for recording individual sound sources, the NTG3 is OK if it's a quiet environment. And it can sometimes complement a stereo recording well. But as I said, I do not like to use it most of the time. I've attached an example of what an urban
  3. Just stumbled across this topic. I recently had the same thing happen to me, almost exactly. 2 weeks after purchasing a pre 10t ii, barely even used, that part fell off. No damage to headphone jack on my mdr7506’s. SD said it wasn’t under warranty at first and eventually acquiesced after a few emails back and forth. see my topic here: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/37180-mixpre-10t-headphone-jack-replacement/&tab=comments#comment-381472 Gotham sound ended up ordering the replacement part and fixing it for free, with a quicker turnaround than shipping it ba
  4. I did contact SD, they offered to fix it if I shipped it back to them, but 2 weeks + cost of insured shipping makes me think I should get it done locally or try to DIY if it's simple. I live in New York and can get it repaired at Gotham Sound or another repair house. Sent over the same photos to them and waiting on a quote. It may be PC mount based on these photos, but I'm not really sure. Attached is the only resource I can find online for a look at the internals: Internal-Photos-3635481.pdf
  5. Hi everyone, I just bought the mixpre 10t ii last week, and on my first shoot (which got canceled before it even began, no less) I somehow managed to shear off the exterior of the headphone connector. No idea how this happened, and my headphone's 1/8" jack is not bent or damaged either. See the attached photos. SD offered to fix it, but I won't have a recorder for 2 weeks and would have to pay for inbound shipping. They alternatively offered to send me a replacement part, but were specific in not being able to offer guidance on how to DIY the repair, which is understand
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