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  1. thanks, I saw a half rack one of theirs I think
  2. thanks, yes the m2d2 looks interesting, being able to plug it into a cellphone for recording seems good, but I have no idea how reliable that would be, with my android phone "not very" I'd guess I'd seen the camden 500, I'll take a look at the others, I was considering the rupert neve portico 5017 for a while, but thought maybe 2 mic inputs would be better than 1 mic and 1 instrument
  3. I'm using it with a tascam dr-700 and the level is kind of disappointing, but it does sound good when cranked up in post, it's a cheap recorder and it really needs a lot of gain to get a good level, I got a sanken csm1 as my outdoor mic which seems much louder, I've been considering a mix-pre, I noticed the next tascam up has aes/ebu inputs, on the other hand I can get an xlr addon for my camera which would mean no messing around lining clips up later
  4. hi, I'm toying with the idea of getting a standalone preamp, possibly a dual, that I'd like to use with an mkh50 for studio/indoor recordings, has anyone got any recommendations? also open to 500 series
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