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  1. Thanks for suggestions everyone, and I think it is indeed a design ramification, rather than a flaw. Did think about the remote cable as a solution, food for thought!
  2. Hi Jez, thanks, that is super helpful, and really does set my mind at rest. Really good to know I'm not crazy, but also. that it is common and easily solvable., and not unique to the senny's 8000s, btw love the handlebar foam hack! And thanks for welcome, glad to be here Merijn
  3. Thanks, agreed, the thing though is that it's not the diaphragm, but the xlr cable/ module that picks up wind. Which means that even with a BBG, there would still be wind noise being picked up even though the mic capsule is not exposed. I don't have this issue with my other SDCs I've attached the sound of a video I sent to Sennheiser to show the issue senn wind noise.m4a
  4. Hi, first post here, after checking in regularly for lots of invaluable advice on field kit. I was hoping someone could shed light on an issue I've encountered with my recently purchased pair of MKH8020s. Last week was my first field test with them, and on a not-so-windy day, I took them with me on a trip to the Thames Estuary here in London to do some spaced pair recordings. As wind appeared light, I had them shockmounted with Rycote Super Softies, but was really surprised by the excessive amount of wind noise present on the recordings. At first, I though it was a disappointing performance of the softies,but experiments with other mics, and later at home with the senny's confirmed that in fact, the connection between XLR module and cable was the culprit. Basically the connection almost acts as a second capsule, which means without anything other than a full blimp/ zeppelin, my 8020s cannot be used outdoors. Taping the connection helps, but seems a rather strange thing to have to do to a £1000 microphone. After contacting Sennheiser, it seems this may not be a fault but rather a design issue, but it would be great to hear any experiences from users here because as much as I love the sound of my 8020s, this issue makes them less than practical in the field, to say the least. Any thoughts would be amazing, at a bit of a loss here Merijn
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