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  1. I did a lot of searching and reading after the posts here and purchased an F6 and the BP 4025 to get me started. I have some things to sell to recover costs. Thanks all.
  2. In fact today we did a short experiment with the x/y and shotgun mic on my H5. The gain has to be down to 4 and below so that the 'hiss' cannot be heard. On playback it is still there and this was just a door opening and closing test. The F6 sounds good. I did see the odd complaint against the MixPre but I cant remember whether it was the 3 or 6. The Sony is 10 years old. That kind of puts me off a little plus it does not have phantom power.
  3. I have been taking all advice and recommendations. I am going to record what is applicable in mono (non wildlife) with what I have. Then when I get chance I will invest in the stereo mic and most probably the F6. Maybe a bargain will come along? Thank you all for taking the time and the recommendations and advice was much appreciated.
  4. At first Michael I thought Jez had done a typo and it was the Audio-Technica 8022. This is also a stereo mic and possibly quite similar? But it turns out you and Jez are correct although the 822 is now discontinued. All info is investigated and noted so many thanks. I read up on the Zoom F6 over the Mix-Pre for different reasons. One is I have always been impressed with my H5 except for the battery life. Are the pre-amps in the H5 not as good as in the F6, or would the H5 still be suitable for quality recordings?
  5. Thanks Jez. Just by the products you suggest I can see how they may be used. I have been watching Youtube vids also. The set-ups are varied as you describe and to fit each situation. Very different than a sound booth, studio mics via an Audient interface which is what I am used to. There, I just flick a few switches and I am up and running. I have ideas of recordings to make. Not all will be wildlife. I would love to build a stock library and get me outdoors, hence the questions.
  6. I agree and I am doing, but really just need pointers and the why's and why nots more than an exact item.
  7. That is a lot of money just for the microphone alone Constantin. Would another NGT2 and blimp on a stereo bar work with the exact same I have now? So the two mics in blimps in x/y position? Or are these mics of inferior quality for this type of recording and you need to step it up a little? I live by the sea and a slip on fur is basically useless regards wind.
  8. Thanks Rick. It is for nature mainly I wanted to record, to start with anyway. Is the 32 bit important or just the latest or both?
  9. Hi All. I have some studio recording equipment which is all mono and plugged into my pc via an interface. I also have a Zoom H5 and a Rode NGT2 which I purchased for video work. I want to branch out and try field recording. Anything and all outside in the sunlight and fresh air. But I have never recorded in stereo before and know nothing of the equipment. My recording knowledge is pretty basic anyway, so could someone please suggest a stereo type of mic which may fit inside my Rode Blimp, and a good recorder if my H5 is not up to quality recordings?
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