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  1. Thanks for finding that OG thread. I am going to reach out to 100sideprojects to see if I can get a bit more info on their build.
  2. I am a wedding DJ that takes a serious interest in ceremony sound. For some time now I have been loading up a Muver6 folding cart to house 2 to 3 SKB cases along with battery power, a pelican case, and a cable bag, and I am trying to get a bit more streamlined. What is funny is that I started thinking of a "big wheel" cart for this use before I was even aware that many pro film and other sound engineers have been doing this for a number of years. I ran across a thread here from way back in 2012 that more or less touches on the concept I am thinking about I work with modularity in mind. I have two mic "boxes" that I can go hot with up to 8 mics. Although the usual scenario is 2-3. But I can always expand. Also if my main digital mixing box or IEM fails on one, I have another identical box I can swap with. Always trying to think ahead. I want to have a platform made of 80/20 T-Slot that my cases can fit on and secure onto the frame. I may also attach a mic stand or something similar to hoist up my directional fin. The biggest hurdle I feel I am facing is to properly secure down an axel assembly for my wheels. I stumbled across this that happened to be on an 80/20 profile but for the life of me cannot find the origin thread. I am assuming this was custom-made. But something of this nature would likely be the best fit. I am of course up for suggestions on what to use to complete the design.
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