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  1. It's unfortunate that these 2 parties can't come together to work out some sort of an agreement, but I can't blame either side for their reasons being. IMO #2 seems like a no brainer feature for Lectrosonics to add, as other companies have done it while still maintaining that small superslot form factor. Splitting your lavs? That sounds interesting, did you test to hear if there is any sound degradation from the split?
  2. Thanks Constantin! I have listened to some digital hybrid vs digital recordings and I preferred the hybrid sound over the digital, even though the digital sounded cleaner. I agree with your range vs sound quality debate, what good is great range on a wireless system that sounds terrible. Another thing I hardly see brought up is how seamless (or not) it is to transfer the files from a transmitter that records and transmits simultaneously. It is a great feature that can save you in a pinch but I wonder if the transfer process is easy. Disagreements don't bother me as we all have our own preferences on what we think sounds good or bad and what features are important or not.
  3. Thanks Jeff!! It's the stake & financial resources for me right now but I'm certainly interested & researching other companies. I'm not itching to buy any new gear at the present time but maybe in the future depending on how the wireless landscape changes with the new digital products and FCC space. I'd just like to see what other users are thinking or have tested with all of the new products being released from other companies, as well as Lectrosonics.
  4. I'm really interested in the features of all of the new products from Shure, Wisycom, & Zaxcom. However as a longtime user & supporter of Lectrosonics, I really hope they will be releasing new products that can have all, or at least most of the following from the companies listed above: 1. Record & Transmit at the same time (hopefully they can work out a deal with Zaxcom similar to Diety but doubtful). 2. Remotely change frequency, gain, power, & arm/disarm transmitter (if #1 can be done) from the receiver (e.g. Shure Showlink & Zaxcom Zaxnet) 3. Quad Slot Receiver (e.g. Wisycom) Curious to see feedback on how other Lectrosonics users would prioritize this list, as well as any additional wishlist features for new products.
  5. Thanks for your reply Karl. Is the inability to change the frequency, gain, arm/disarm on the transmitter from a receiver a technological sizing threshold, or perhaps just not in demand from users?
  6. A 4ch receiver would be nice, but I'd personally rather a receiver with the ability to control the transmitters frequency, gain, & record functionality from the receiver over a 4ch receiver.
  7. Can the frequency, gain, or arm to record on the transmitter be changed from a current or future receiver?
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