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    Doing location sound on and off up until 2019, am now trying to get into it full time.
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  1. Gave it a shot on Paypal, no replies too after couple of days. Have now since escalated the issue on Paypal. Anyway, I'm calling out Ahmed Lugo from https://www.facebook.com/AudioConnectFL
  2. As per the advice of someone on the FB Location Sound group, I started a claim on Paypal. I will give him a few days to respond and if I don't get anything, I am escalating it on Paypal and outing him out here.
  3. Hi all, I ordered some cables from a US-based cable maker in May, made the payment late May and have yet to get the cables. Searching his name here got me a hit whereby he is running a business with one of the more senior members here so I'm still holding on to a last shred of hope/giving him the benefit of the doubt. I have compiled a list of exchanges between us that I am holding on to (including proof of payment). I don't want to ruin someone's reputation if there is force majeure. From late May onwards, the gist was we had a lot of back and forth in the ensuing months basically of me asking him for updates. His last email to me (dated 17th of August) was to ensure me for the 3rd time that he was working on the cables and would ship them on that weekend. Since then, I've sent a couple of emails asking for a tracking number. Never heard from him since. I've posted on other message boards asking for advice too. I thought I'd do the same here since it seems the majority of practitioners here are American. I have attached a version of the compilation where I have redacted both our identities. Please judge for yourselves. (I realised I became increasingly rude towards the end of this exchange but the US isn't the only country this pandemic has hit really hard, soon after I ordered the cables my whole country went into lockdown again and all the jobs I had lined up just evaporated) This is my last resort. I fully expect to never see my money ever again. Nor the cables.
  4. Hi, looking for an update of this as well. I recently had problems with my unit. Wasn't a gain-staging issue (after many tests) nor a firmware issue nor any other settings (basically tried changing mW settings, XLR settings etc).
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