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  1. It’s a great piece of kit. On my K-ART I could choose if I wanted to regulate output 1, 2, 4, 5 as an option. I have 1 & 2 regulated only. I think if you are using a power supply you want to have it slightly higher than your battery voltage so when power is connected it chooses the highest voltage which is the power supply. Otherwise it will run the batteries down then swap to the PSU. I’ve always had great service from Antoine too.
  2. Hi, I'm on 2.08. Here's the last part of the Nova facebook thread. Glenn replied a week ago, so they may have only figured it was a bug after your dealings with him. Is the Nova holding date and time? Does the warning happen with every boot or just once? Glenn Sanders
  3. Hi, I believe there is a software issue with the internal clock. My Nova fails to pick up the internal clock on occasion but if I restart it, it then picks up the clock. Zaxcom know about it and are trying to fix the issue.
  4. Hi Karl, I was wondering if the Duet could be backward compatible like the DSQD to support Digital Hybrid (& IFB modes?) On the cart I am using LT & LR for sends around the set, T4's for IFB and LT's in the bag for IFB & Digital Hybrid sends also. I love the ability to change modes depending of what I want to send where on the LT's. The next step would be to add some M2R's to the kit, for high quality personal feeds. If I could send all these Digital Hybrid/IFB/IEM sends using the M2T that would be amazing. Is this something that
  5. vins

    Deva 24

    Thanks for the info. So that sounds pretty good, bar a couple of things yet to be implemented. I’d love to hear from anybody using the Deva with an Oasis. What does the sound report look like? I’m using movie slate currently but would love to use the Deva sound report if it looks good & there’s a better notes field than the Fusion/ old Devas etc. Is the script import & footswitch still a thing or did that disappear with the Deva 32?
  6. vins

    Deva 24

    Hi, how are the current users of the Deva 24 finding it? Does everything work as planned / are there things that were don’t work currently? Is anyone using the Deva 24 with an Oasis? Can you use a IPad yet for the Oasis Remote / Mix 16 remote? I haven’t seen any feedback/software updates on the Zaxcom forum although I’m not on Facebook if that where it’s happening. Cheers
  7. Cool. Does this software borrow anything from the Deva 24? I have been in contact with Zaxcom recently about getting the PFL to work on playback with an FP8 so hopefully that makes it into the next software revision.
  8. Hi, yeah I did ask Lectro a while back about a wiring configuration and what they told me didn't work either. I've just had another look at the mute circuit diagram and I think I was missing that the switch looks like it needs 4v from pin 2 I'm guessing that this could be the wiring assuming I can take the 3.3v from the audio signal wire. ta5 pin 1- lemo 1 & shell ta5 pin 2 - lemo 3 ta5 pin 3 - lemo 3 On a Lectro they get this from the servo bias separately so it may not work properly. Also 4v vs 3.3v - hopefully it will be enough to power both the mic and the swit
  9. Just reviving this old thread as I'm still looking to use an Zaxcom TRX LT with the Lectrosonics mute switch. Has anybody successfully used the mute switch with another transmitter? I had a cable made with the same wiring as the Lectrosonics MCATA5MLEMO cable which is the adapter cable that Lectro makes to use a ta5 mic with the SSM transmitter with no luck. Does anybody have any thoughts? Cheers Steven
  10. Thanks. I will probably end up getting one of those down the line. What's the estimated RRP? In the meantime, i have a mute and a multiple TRX that could fit the bill with a cable. I was hoping somebody had already made the cable and could advise me on the wiring cheers Steven
  11. Thanks John, all of my wireless are TRX LT. I've edited the original message to include the LT
  12. Hi all, I have in the past used a Lectrosonics Mute switch with a SM/SMD transmitter for boom operator private line communications. I have now switched to all Zaxcom wireless and was wondering if anyone has/is using the mute with a zaxcom trx lt? What wiring is required for the mute to trx lt in place of the Lectrosonics REFUMCABLE? Or alternatively has anyone created a soft switch for a Zaxcom TRX LT? Thanks Steven
  13. My 743 shows full battery on my RX12 meter until it dies also. Battery type set to NiMh QRX on the 743. It sounds like a 743 issue not a 4900 issue Steven
  14. Hi Patrick, do you know what the filter box is called? Is it one of these? GLE-12W thanks
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