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  1. having recorded it, not ''really'' listening... i find it now a bit ''trancey'' i have now retired. i have recorded from abba to zz top and even performed with both from my dear, dear , missed friend bowie to orchestral beethoven at least, for me; music is as i like and ''too hell'' with ''in a monastery garden'' that i grew up with holding a thorn in between my teeth to get stereo from my 78's!
  2. one of my 4.2's was running about 20ips , irrespective of speed switch. no , it was not in f fwd.fault traced to poor gold split connections to the speed control board at rear.. unsrew the 2 screws securing the 2 green plugs and gently, with a jewellers screwdriver, prise each split gold pin , slightly wider, to ensure a better tight fit. this cured the problem.
  3. yes chris , very similar to what i did. 2 lavs were just too much background noise. the trouble was ; it started raining and one of the arris fell off the bonnet (hood) !!!!! the 'talent' kept driving! same shoot where i got soaked to the skin, even wearing the ''proper'' clothing, the batteries went flat in the nagra and we had to share r/mic channels with the independents , just up the road not a good day !
  4. yes mike , i agree. i have before and since being offered a similar job , been experimenting with 4x cardioids , which is basically the same , less expensive , but far , far more fragile. they work... yes ok, even very good . The likely hood of one being displaced negates this use. each one being at 90 degrees to each other. go for the soundfield!
  5. is there ''workout'' music going on simultaneously? this i have found , if very hevilly compressed is a major problem. much better , of course if one can provide and control ones own. eg synch playback. but beware over compression ...!!!!!! it may sound ok on the shoot , but after editing it can sound both dreadful and tireing.
  6. my 'pocket' on this?... i just sold all my 416'es and bought ecm 925p's notice i did not say them in the same breath! no doubt the 416 are very very good especially in increment weather and not only 'industry standard' but i was able to buy the crew an amazing dinner with the change yes over $800 change !!!!!!! thats a lot , for me just do not get the ecm 925p's wet and it really does not matter if you loose them on location as i have
  7. hi a quick 'n' easy ''bodge'' i just found is putting a cap in the + of an xlr carrying t 'phantom. this permits dynamic , whilst lowering levels
  8. testing... one of my ''better'' recordings is with derek and clive ; alias peter cook and dudley moore.. i was in lime grove dubbing theatre 2, upstairs; when who should come in, but those two...! so quickly i put up 3k of 16mm magstock and ran. i had made the correct decision , as it was obvious they were both ''on form''.... 3 lots later , we realised they were becoming, and us , a 'little exhausted'' so refreshments were ordered. they were in the comentry booth , with a mic i still have, a bi-directional 27volt sennheiser , when t'was said .. ''could be getting fainter'' as they were both on the floor by this time....!... then ''testing , testing'' followed by the most enormous belch and simultaneous fart.....! the recoding made history. luv em or loathe them ... most find them incredibly funny. alvin ; aka patrick; aka ''hugh strain''
  9. must be a thread?... i cdn't find it. severe .. and i mean very severe above zero noise on my nt2a was ..in fact damp! as everyone says... but this was harsh , clicky. even intermittent. cured by dismantling and separating the 2 capsules so the rears eg insides are exposed then placing 30cms from radiant tungsten halogen heater for 4 hours. reassemble , use correct length screws!!!!!, mark which capsule is front... phenomenal diffeerence!
  10. hi.not sure i'm in the right place.on this forum.. but extreemly noisey.. i mean> zero level as when normally working... was in fact... damp this staggered me! cured by separating the 2 capsules and drying over 4 hours then re-assembling results.. perfect
  11. just replaced the feed = rewind belt with the correct one... wow ; what a difference! it works. but when recording , listening on monitor output on headphones and before; on the b/a press button the volume is ok , but on after the volume drops 20dB . its got me beat... i've been trying to fault find for 9 hours now. any ideas , please anyone?????? i've replaced the b/a single pole double throw switch.. it wasn't that ! oh one more thing. does the 111 have 3 belts? i only see 2, there was a smaller belt in the spares i bought serial is pho 68 12802
  12. for u.k = as was = now great britain... there is no uk.. check out ''ofcom'' website it was all under review due to the new digital btw ireland are a law unto themselves... it used to be very free = lenient.. ''anything goes''... do not know these days
  13. sounds like '' the beginning of the end'' or hopefully'' the end of the beginning'' we lost epsom, stoneleigh, kingston, leatherhead, dorking, sutton then re-gained epsom
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