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  1. I agree with what everyone else says. It's very competitive out here. There may a lot going on out here, but since there is so much competition, it makes it harder to keep the work steady.
  2. Maybe he was doing work outside prior, and that was the only setup he had. I don't plan on using a Softie indoors. But if I'm doing ENG stuff inside and out, and don't have the time, I keep it on.
  3. I hear Unveil is supposed to be another great deverb plugin.
  4. Thanks guys. I'll look into those options.
  5. Have any of you painted a lav mic? I want to paint mine a different color, but I'm not sure which type of paint to use.
  6. I travel several times a year with my gear. I pack everything into Pelican case, including my 4 NP-1 batteries and AA lithium batteries. Sometimes TSA will open the case, but they have never told me to remove the batteries.
  7. I would love to see a dual channel transmitter...
  8. I've been there before Jon. If it's possible, maybe just use wireless for those scenes. Sometimes, it helps cut out the noise. But I would have a talk with the director about it regardless.
  9. I've been sound designing for many years now, as a hobby. I mostly use synths and also record ambient FX too. Does anyone know how this side of the industry works? If a television or film project needs some unique sound, whether it's ambient FX or synthesized, do they use outside contractors? Or do they just use their in house post team to do that?
  10. As long as you have it all documented, you should be okay.
  11. Make sure you wear gloves before you grab that boom pole!
  12. How you guys wrap the cable around a small transmitter, like an SM or Zaxcom? I find that with the smaller transmitters, they tend to flop off the belt a lot of times since the clip is so small.
  13. Thanks Larry. I never knew that a supersonic security system could do that. That might explain why it happened only on the analog system. I'll check to see if they have that type of security system. Do you think a high powered Wi-Fi system could also have an effect?
  14. It was weird Larry. I was in this building for half a day, and I had the same issue on block 21 and 25. It drove me nuts. But this last time, it seems that the 411 set was immune to it, compared to the 211 set.
  15. I had the gain turned up to about the 9 o'clock position, which was giving me a good level. Or at least the level looked good on the receiver. Senator, I was able to try another block because I had two different ones with me.
  16. I was on set last week using my Lectosonics UCR211 and UM200. What I thought was interference turned out to be something else. It seems that the compander was working overtime and only the dialog would come through. There was no breath or ambient sound that would come through. In other words, it sounded like a gate. Keep in mind that I was on a clear frequency. This happened to me about month ago as well, and I could't figure out what was happening. I even tried a different block, and it did the same thing. The strange thing was that I tried my UCR411 and SM set, and it worked great. I contacted Lectro, but they couldn't really hear it or figure it out. Has anyone else experienced this?
  17. I worked on a reality shoot a few months back and they used the Ambient Lanc Logger for the 5D. They are hard to find at rental houses. But it has a way to record TC on one channel of audio. Other than that, there is no way to sync.
  18. This is why even small productions need to obtain film permits. http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2013/08/01/officer-nearly-fires-on-student-crew-filming-robbery-scene/
  19. Man, that stinks Richard. I worked on top of a very tall building in downtown L.A. once. Block 21 was so congested. So I took the receiver out of my quad box and placed it right next to the talent. That did the job.
  20. I use alcohol swabs to take off the mic when it's on chest hair. By using the swab, the mic comes off with little hair loss. You can find them at any drug store.
  21. Any tricks on how to straighten out the cable on a lav mic? Is it even possible?
  22. Not sure. I suggest you message Tom Duffy on this board. He works for Tascam and is extremely knowledgeable about the HS-P82. I've never had issues with mine as of yet.
  23. Are you recording a mix track? If so, make sure you are sending the ISO tracks to the master bus. If you solo a track, make sure the solo send level is turned up.
  24. Are you using the Tascam controller, and plugging your headphones into that? Or are you just using the headphone jack on the front of the recorder?
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