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  1. Well, thanks a lot to both of you for sharing your experiences! That‘s actually a good point. A fresh perspective and the collaboration with others definetely helps to not get stuck creatively... Interesting! Haven‘t thought about regional differences in business habits yet. Well not in this context at least. But even though it might not be as strict in Germany or Europe in general there are still a lot of those who claim that you can only be professional if you specialize.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum as a member, even though I've been following this community for quite some time now (so much knowledge! much appreciated btw :)) I've been wondering about this question (see title) for a while now and so far I didn't really find this topic somewhere. If this has already been discussed a lot of times and I'm just not finding the right threads then sorry for another post. For the last 5-6 years now I'm doing sound for picture but always as a student (still enrolled in a masters study). Over the last 2-3 years I got the chance to do more paid jobs and work as a freelancer but I wouldn't call that fully professional since I'm still enjoying the financial benefits of being a student. The work I do is basically sound for picture and usually includes location sound (which seems to be kind of rare at our university), sound editing, sound design and also "mixing for theatre" (we have a nice little mixing stage at our school that works quite well and translates kind of good to cinemas). Directors I work with seem to appreciate the fact that I kind of do it all and I'm very happy to be involved in the storytelling form the very beginning and being treated as a moviemaker. So I've learned a lot in all these projects and I think my location sound work was improving quicker since I also had to edit and mix the dialouge I recorded (badly, sometimes) and know the capabilities/limits of Izotope for example. I also like the balance of being on location frequently and then doing computer/studio work for some weeks. But at the same time I know there are a lot of challenges and disadvantages when trying to do it all. I've heard of people who seem to mange it and do both professionally but I feel like it's kind of rare. I think you might get the scenario already so I won't write much more. I'm just curious to know if there are people in this community who have some thoughts about this and might share some experiences. I didn't really talk about gear that much because I kind of got to know the stuff and know the financial aspects. I'm rather interested in how you manage to do both professionally or why you couldn't. I hope this has its place here and wish you all a nice sunday! Sebi
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