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  1. I've just gotten Zaxconvert to work again (in OSX) after re-installing LAME 3.97 - During installation I saw the the target file locations listed in the installer window....I paused installing then went through and carefully deleted all the old LAME files from folders in HD/usr/local folder. Then continued with the new installation. Success! Zaxconvert finally did mp3 conversions. Dave
  2. My record button is getting progressively harder to use to the point of getting a sore finger sometimes. Frustrating when I have to press it more than once to start recording. My dealer tells me it needs a full panel replacement. My Nomad is serial #10219 - well out of warranty. Anyone else have buttons failing?
  3. Thanks for your response Larry. I'm still a bit confused as to whether the 'SRA+' has the six (L) or four layer (K) board. Dave
  4. I'm currently being offered a late (above serial #105 ) SRa unit. What would the difference be to the SRb in practise (for bag use)?...ie you mentioned "You've got 80% of the upgrade already"... What would the missing 20% be? ...Re-reading the thread I've come across some more tidbits - The 80% improvement RF board is 17378-K Is that board 6 or 4 layer? Thanks Dave
  5. I've had a good run with IDX NP1s but would like the option of charging other batteries in the IDX charger - Anyone know any compatible NP1s?
  6. Looks/sounds amazing. Can you make a melody? - ie with the pitch control. Figure - an app from Propellerhead is great too - has drum, bass and lead tracks. Unusual but effective i/face. As if we need another reason to fiddle with our phones.
  7. I'm suppressing that compulsion to tinker (and self educate) and will avoid searching for a DSUMRS this time around...
  8. Thanks guys. I'll test some more along these lines but will probably have to bite the bullet and send it to Lectrosonics for the tune-up. (I'll post on the Nomad RF block 21 effects later on.)
  9. I recently noticed that one of my two block 21 rx's has lost range compared to the other. I tested them simultaneously - both on the same freq with a single um200c tx then with tx off. One rx is picking up more RF than the other (with tx off) as well as more hits at a closer range with the tx on. Any ideas? Other tests? Also the proximity to my Nomad seems to affect the range of my block 21 systems. David
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