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  1. There is no one local to Green Bay, but there are a handful of people, including myself, who work out of Milwaukee, which is about 1.5-2 hours away, and Madison, which is about 2.5 hours. Unfortunately, I'm not available on the 10th, but if you have your contact get in touch with me, I can recommend some people. cory@kasemanproductions.com
  2. Like most similar sites, it depends entirely on your market. I get an average of 8-10 days a year from my free productionhub listing.
  3. So, I bought a set of Soshine 600MAh batteries about a year ago and forgot to review them for you guys. Out of 8 batteries I ordered, 2 were DOA, and 1 only held about 50% charge. The other 5 power my UM400s for about 6:30-6:45, and have done so consistently for as long as I've had them. I like their look and their run time, but their quality control makes me nervous. If only 70% of the batteries you buy even work, then you may as well go with an established brand. Maybe I just have bad luck.
  4. I purchased and downloaded it from the App Store 2 days ago, so I doubt I have an old version...
  5. Just finished my first day using the iOS version of this app on an indie feature. I like it a lot, but I left my phone sit for about an hour between set ups and when I came back, I'd lost about 2-3 hours worth of info. I managed to fix it over lunch, but it was definitely a pain. It's an issue I hope can be addressed.
  6. I'm available if the rate is right. Based in waukesha. Cory Kaseman 480-734-6405
  7. Thank you for the kind words, and thank you as well to everyone who has contacted me privately. It's nice to know that, even though our business can be cutthroat at times, we can still take measures to support each other.
  8. Hello, fellow sound people. I know that we all have our issues with work in these tough economic times, and I hate to be one more hat thrown in to the ring, but my family has fallen on hard times and I am hoping that some of my peers may be able to help me find work. My fiance has been out of work for the past several months due to health issues, and because of a technicality does not qualify either for unemployment or disability. Work is slow, we have exhausted our savings, medical bills are mounting, and I am at the point where I simply can no longer support my family. For the moment, I'm looking for a steady job outside of our industry, but I am hoping to find a way to avoid giving up the career that I love. I am unable to relocate, but I can and will travel anywhere in the world for work, aside from countries where people are actively trying to kill US citizens... I am an ENG/bag guy, with experience in documentary, corporate, run and gun, and some reality. I'm experienced with Sound Devices gear, including 788T, but I've never used anything Zaxcom. I'm willing to learn. I currently have a 552 package with Lectro 400 series and Schoeps boom mic. I am willing to use provided gear if the pay is fair. I am willing to take work as a mixer, boom op, or utility tech. My "film" experience is limited mostly to extremely low budget indie stuff, but I am familiar with set protocol and know my way around a shoot. I mainly do local corporate/commercial stuff, but I've worked on shows for SPEED, Discovery/Science, OWN, CSPAN and PBS. I am a member of IATSE Local 18. I'm based in SE Wisconsin and will travel anywhere for the right gig, even if it's on my own dime. Please don't take this the wrong way. The LAST thing I want to do is step on any toes. I don't want to take any work away from a local, and I will only accept gigs that pay fair, standard rates. I may be literally desperate, but I refuse to hurt anyone else's business in order to help myself. I'd rather work at Walmart than compromise like that. If anyone can help, please contact me via PM here, or email me at cory@oegmusic.com. I can be reached by phone at 480-734-6405. Thank you for reading.
  9. If anyone else is interested in these Soshine 600mAh batteries, I've found some for considerably cheaper than any of the eBay sellers, with free shipping to the US. $23.75 per set of 2 batteries + charger, instead of upwards of $30. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Fast-Shipping-2pcs-Soshine-9V-600mAh-Lithium-ion-Li-ion-Rechargeable-Battery-Charger/113800_668591736.html I'm about to order 4 sets and I'll let everyone know my experience with the seller/website.
  10. The worst possible thing is when you make a mistake without realizing you've made a mistake, and no one bothers to tell you! I had this happen to me several times when I was just starting out and still learning the trade. I think it severely hindered my early development as a mixer. I nearly always ask for feedback after a gig, now. I like to know when I fuck something up, so I can quit doing it.
  11. Hi all I live in and work in the Milwaukee/Madison area but over the winter will be spending a significant amount of time in Minneapolis for family reasons. I'd like to try and find some work while I'm there, if possible. So if any locals know of something that they aren't able to take on for whatever reason, please do let me know. I don't want to horn in on anyone's business or anything, but I'd love to pick up the (fairly-paid) scraps so long as I'm in town anyhow. Loads of corporate, sit-down, doc/run and gun experience. 552, Lectros, Schoeps and Sennheiser booms. PM me here, or email or call Cory Kaseman: cory@oegmusic.com 480.734.6405 Thanks for reading!
  12. Yep, seems like a transmitter power problem. Today it turned off for about a minute an I couldn't power it back on. Using an energizer advanced lithium disposable battery. Going to try an energizer max and see how that works, but it seems like it might be an issue with the tx. Thanks, everyone!
  13. The left channel was my boom. I don't have any audio editor installed on this computer, so I couldn't split the channels. I've had this issue with both a brand new cos11 and a brand new b6, so I don't think it's the mic, especially considering that I spent quite a bit of time tugging the cables and connectors in an attempt to repeat the noise, but didn't have any luck. And I don't think it's the mixer, since I've had the problem on different channels, while the mixer was plugged in, on battery, with and without a boom plugged in, etc. I guess I have to call Lectro? Thanks for the advice, so far. If anyone else has any ideas, I'd love to know!
  14. Okay, so, all I get is "Error No file was selected for upload" after trying about 8 times. So, here's a dropbox link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36438169/12Y06M05-001.WAV
  15. I've only used Lectro stuff a couple times, until I bought my first set, a pre-owned UCR411a/UM400 combo. When I first got it and tried it out, everything seemed to work great. It sounded a HELL of a lot better than my old radio, and I was damned happy with it, overall. But then I took it to set for the first time, today, and noticed an intermittent noise in the signal. At first I thought it was RF interference, but the onboard scanner told me the block was almost entirely clear, and I was using a channel that was definitely free of any other signals. I'm not sure exactly how to describe the sound, so I'm going to attach a clip. It's intermittent and inconsistent. Neither the rx or the tx moved at any point, nor did anything else in the room (sit-down interviews in a studio). Sometimes it would be fine for a couple hours, then I'd hear the noise constantly for a couple minutes, then it'd be fine for a couple more hours. Sometimes it would happen once every few minutes for a while. In the morning, it didn't happen at all, but it got worse throughout the day. I scanned between every interview, just to see if the RF environment was changing, but it was always pretty much clear. I checked all my cables and connections and made sure the antennae were securely attached. I don't know what else to do. I've been sitting here for the last 30 minutes, listening to it and trying everything I can to make it happen again, but no luck. Sample is attached. Please tell me this is an easy fix, that I'm overlooking something boneheadedly simple, and that I won't have to mail away my shiny new toy for some sort of expensive surgery?
  16. So I've been listening to all my old Johnny Cash records over the past couple days, and came across this great track that I'd forgotten all about. I did a search here and it doesn't seem like anyone else has posted about it, so I thought I'd share. Cash put out a record called The Lure of the Grand Canyon, which is pretty much "The Grand Canyon Suite" along with actual field recordings made, in about 1960, inside the Grand Canyon. The final track, titled, "A Day in the Grand Canyon", features Cash narrating an audio documentary of the recording crew's trip in to the canyon, and a few of the challenges they faced (including needing to haul 250 pounds of recording equipment), along with many examples of what they recorded. Here's a link to hear it, for those of you who haven't: http://blog.wfmu.org...y-cash-and.html It's about 10 minutes long and well worth a listen. Enjoy!
  17. thanks. it must be a pin mic with some sort of pill shaped windscreen
  18. I was flipping channels just now and came across an episode on the US version of top gear, featuring an interview with tony hawk. I'll admit, I was watching on a small, standard definition TV, but it looked like he was wearing a lav that didn't have a wire connecting it to a transmitter. It was a pill shaped mic, clipped just above his sternum, on a plain black t shirt, with no button holes or anything to slip a wire through. I got up close to the screen and squinted as hard as I could, but I couldn't see a wire anywhere. can anyone tell me what this might have been?
  19. One more for the "no reels" hat. The only people who have ever asked me for a reel have turned out to be greenhorns or bullshit artists who have no idea what they're doing. Generally offering low/no/deferred pay. Any film with a proper budget is going to go through some form of post-sound before it gets printed, and generally the production sound will be almost unrecognizable next to the finished product. So even if we did have reels, they wouldn't be showcasing OUR work. Best thing, after a resume, is personal references. Someone asks you for a reel, give him the phone number of a satisfied producer/director/post-sound guy you've worked with, instead. Obviously ask permission, first. Hearing about how great and professional you are on set or how much time and money you saved post by getting great-sounding stuff is a lot more likely to make him hire you than anything else you could do. For my resume, I have my "most visible" credits listed. Things that have done festival runs, been on TV, stuff you can go to blockbuster and rent, etc. Basically the stuff that's most likely to be verifiable. If it's not on imdb and it's not on DVD, how's whoever is hiring supposed to know you didn't just make shit up? That's how I look at it, anyway. I try to keep it to one page usually, although the current draft is closer to 2.
  20. I use EX-29s from http://www.extremeheadphones.com/ great isolation so no worry about whether you're hearing your mics or just the bleed around the ear pads. 90% of what I do is bag work where I'm standing within 10 feet of the subject and the iso is great. They're also durable as hell and designed with modularity in mind, basically any part on this thing can be replaced in the field, with no tools. The headband, ear pads, drivers, cables; whatever. I own two pairs of these, and the first pair I bought was horribly, horribly abused. Stepped on, sat on, dropped, slammed in a car door, etc. They held up through all of it. I got a second pair with a shorter cable, so I didn't have to worry about the slack getting tangled up in my bag. Even though the first pair is now my backup, it still sees pretty regular use. Bought it about 2 years ago and no real issues. Sound quality is at least as good as those Sony cans that proliferate, and in my opinion these are far more comfortable to wear. Same price, too. Couldn't speak too much to recreational use, since I exclusively listen to music with my HD650s, but they're certainly plenty good for any professional situation I've come across. I really can't say enough good things about these cans.
  21. This is a nifty device, and Ax Man rules. I'll have to stop by and pick some up the next time I'm in Minneapolis. Has anyone else had a chance to use them yet? I don't know much about batteries etc but is there any reason you couldn't just solder on the proper connector and use this to power a 552, so you don't have to dig in the bag to change the batteries?
  22. Thanks, man Charlie is just plain fantastic. Ever since I met him I've been trying to get as many people as possible to listen to his music. Super talented songwriter and just a really cool guy on top of it. There are loads of videos of him on youtube, you should check some out if you haven't already. I'll also be putting up more from that show, at some point.
  23. He forgot to plug in his monkey! Someone's gonna have his ass when it gets to sync.
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