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  1. How am I being nasty and desperate? Ive responded twice... Im defending myself.
  2. Like I said, there wasnt a down period, the mic was tested on the spot. The point I am making is that there could have been a swap. Granted, if this is exactly the same mic and it turns out to be fake then yes it should be returned, but how is this proven exactly? The box and the serial on the mic matched when I bought it. IF that is different now, then there is a problem. If it matches, its not a fake. Its as simple as that... sorry to be missing your guy's points, but Im explaining myself and no one wants to hear it. So whats the point? Clearing my name, thats the point. This microphone was not purchased from TREW Audio, so they wouldnt have records of it. It was purchased from coffee (like the buyer mentioned) "around" the time they were going through a merger, not after. *Mosdeaf, you have had a very bias opinion towards me. Not sure why, probably because you like ganging up on people. The microphone has not been proven to be fake, certainly not the one I sold. You're taking their word for it.
  3. I learned a valuable lesson many years ago. Be careful accepting returns on electrical items. I never understood why businesses sold items AS-IS and did not accept returns until my experience. I sold a fully functioning camera lens to a buyer out of state. They received it and about a month later claimed it was malfunctioning. I accepted the return, agreed to pay return shipping and sure enough the lens was having difficulty focusing. I took it to Steve's Camera to diagnose and he said the AF motor was internally damaged. Apparently the buyer swapped out the AF with a damaged one. I inquired the buyer about this and they said that was their experience but didnt know what the problem was since their were an amateur photographer and has never taken apart a lens before. Furthermore, I did not get support from ebay since the time to file a claim from the original transaction had expired and I should try to reach out to the buyer and work it out. I tried but they eventually became unresponsive. I believe their polices have changed a bit, but they are fairly adamant about taking the buyers side. This is why I avoid selling on ebay, that and their fees have become rather ridiculous. The whole experience costed me about $200 in repairs, shipping costs both ways and a lot of time wasted. I prefer to sell locally, as the buyer has the chance to inspect and test the item before deciding to purchase. The fact the mic was kept for 17 days without word seems fishy to me. In my experience, anytime someone becomes aggressive and threatening, its a red flag...as if I should fear "legal action". It confirms a reaction to just ignore them as they would prefer to be nasty and desperate. Im fairly sure everyone has experienced this at one point in their life.
  4. Feel free to have Jeff repost what I posted. I said that I purchased a 416 on ebay and sent it back because it didnt sound right, thanks to ebay buyer protection. I dont have a problem refunding anyone who buys used gear from me with a legitimate reason. The mic was purchased from coffey, tested and sounded fine. The problem I have is 17 days after the purchase, the person starts attacking my reputation and insulting them is no way to go out about it. Over wait two weeks for a return? Was that the length of your project? Who's to say harlow sound isnt running a con to swap my mic out for a cheap $300 chinese version and get their money back in the process? I question this and then they go on this crazy rant to get industry support. Im out $700 + a knock-off mic. Its interesting that the person that bashes me remains anonymous while not testing anything... just A/B it with a 416 at your school. Instead, they just start making outrageous claims that I sold a fake mic. I appreciate my friends that contacted me about this and let me know what was happening.
  5. I was looking to buy a couple extra ENG wireless units and wanted to get some recommendations on older units. The pros of buying these units would be the price, but what are the cons of the older units; compatibility, tracking, etc? Anyones experiences would be greatly appreciated. What are your thoughts on the 210d vs 211 receivers? How much better is the 411a, even if marginally? Cheers!
  6. Good to know, I has assumed this but never knew for sure. I agree Marc, that its not good practice, I had two lavs damaged when I loaned them to a friend...luckily production eventually paid for them. Its just with some talent, they can get offended when you ask production who relays the message, to let the sound mixer de-mic them... The iphone app has been something Ive considered, which I had it the other day, honestly forgot about it. Anyone have an opinion on the App compared to the actual remote?
  7. Looking for peace of mind or a justification to lay down the law... This has always been a question in my mind when on set, especially when working with "seasoned" female talent that prefer to mic and de-mic themselves. Is is bad for the lav mic to plug in and pull out of the transmitter when the transmitter is on? The setup would be a lectro smqv with servo only and standard wired lavs (sankens, trams, etc). I know its bad when you are dealing with studio mics/condensers, but curious is the same applies to lavs. Thanks!
  8. You're on point, Peter, I did ask that question before. However I think you answered my question, not Larry, although his input was good as well. Im just second guessing I suppose, perhaps giving the cos 11 a bit too much credit, although I am comparing to an 82. The difference sounds electronic, but its probably just low level wireless interference distortion, thankfully undetectable to the standard ear as they keep hiring me back.
  9. Great, I have a couple trams universally wired "just in case" as well, thanks for the input Robert!
  10. Hey everyone! Wanted to get some opinions on servo vs standard lectrosonics wiring, which has always been a little grey for me. I realize that if I get servo, I wont be able to use the lav on an older style lectro transmitter. On a cos 11, the servo used three wires, opposed to the standard wiring which uses 2? I could have this backwards... Anyway, a word from the field is what I am looking for, is there a noticeable noise floor and overload buffer difference between the two? Thanks! Jbob
  11. Hey all, In the market for some electrical grease for cleaning and lubricating purposes. What does everyone use? What's good and what's good enough? I'd like to get something that preferably doesn't leave a residue. Thanks! JB
  12. Hey everyone, I wanted to see what people are using as their IFB headsets. I've seen panasonic RP-HT21 headsets up to sony mdr-v150s. What is a good sounding headset, that is durable, portable and reasonably priced? Cheers!
  13. JboB


    Think I figured it out. Red/Black dot and servo/non. Spoke w/ Rich at prosound, great guy. Thanks Peter, you reconfirmed my initial investigation in which way to go. Cheers!
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