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  1. I’m also using a full Zaxcom set up, so all of my channels are backed up by the transmitter recordings. I keep a MixPre 6 in my kit. If my Nomad were to go down, I can swap recorders in less than 10 minutes and be back up and running.
  2. The latest versions of firmware for the mini and the Amira work fine with the ERX. I’ve done shoots with both cameras this year and have had no issues at all.
  3. Has anyone been able to connect Sound Report Writer to their Tentacle Sync E? I’m trying via Bluetooth and by hardwiring it to my phone but the app is not recognizing the Tentacle. I’ve emailed the app developer over the weekend, still waiting to hear back from them.
  4. At this point, the only time I run into a Red on set is because the DP owns the package. Thankfully most of the DP's I work with have ditched their Red's and bought an Alexa Mini. One thing you can do is have them calibrate the sensor (black shade) to run at a higher average temp. This may help a little, but if you're running longer than a half hour per take then this may be all for naught.
  5. According to the FCC papers for the TRX900 the high pass is implemented in the digital realm. If the signal flow has changed since then I haven’t been able to find documentation showing it.
  6. I like to cut the lows before they hit the A/D converter if I can, but I have been using the high pass built into the ZMT.
  7. From my personal experience, I had rf interference issues with my Tac!t cable when I used it with my DPA 4017C. It’s a bummer, I really like having a low cut in line before the signal hits my ZMT Phantom with the 4017C.
  8. Why not use the Wingman app for track naming?
  9. I’ve used the baseball with the furry overcover on my MKH50 in light breeze and it’s been ok. Anything stronger than a breeze and I will use my baby ball.
  10. Tail slating isn’t an option?
  11. Don’t let this info out on the Zaxcom Facebook page, you might have a posse of disgruntled sound mixers at your door with pitchforks and torches.
  12. I didn’t like the way the Stingray fit with the Orca bag, and I also found that it was taking more time to get into the harness. It was just personal preference, I see quite a few mixers using the Stingray/Orca combo and they seem to make it work for them.
  13. I recently switched from the Orca OR-32 to the Porta Brace AO 1.5 silent. Really liking this set up, I shed at least three pounds of bag weight and I get to use my Stingray harness again.
  14. I once had a Junior Agency Producer ask me why he could hear himself in the background on the Comtek during a take. Thankfully I had a 1st AD on set that had no qualms about telling him in the nicest way possible how big of an idiot he was.
  15. I use this all the time, it creates a pdf with all of the clip metadata and three thumbnail photos of the beginning, middle and end of the clip. http://mikasky.free.fr/foolcolor/foolcat.html
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