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  1. I've been having issues with both. Sound Report Writer isn't storing timecode when I enter it manually, and MovieSlate isn't working for me at all right now (although I've used it successfully in the past). In MovieSlate, when I press the 'Roll Sound' button to start a new take, it refuses to let me, saying I haven't entered any Production, Scene, or Take info, even though I have. So for now, it's completely useless.
  2. Strange. They just got a brand new Preston yesterday (they were having some other issues with the old one), and the new one was even louder. They said they'd try switching out the motor, but since we're shooting exteriors today, it's hard to tell if that made a difference. We're shooting on the Alexa, by the way, so fan noise isn't really an issue.
  3. On a related topic, the camera department on my current movie is using a Preston unit that is producing an audible scraping sound. Audible as in you can hear it with naked ears, so it's not an RF thing. It's loud enough to ruin quiet takes. Has anyone encountered this before?
  4. What's the best way to do that? Q-tips and alcohol?
  5. Sennheiser wireless is fine, especially if you're just starting out. Eventually you might feel the need to upgrade, but G3s are really pretty spectacular in terms of bang-for-your-buck. If you only have $6k to work with, I'd highly recommend going with Sennheiser wireless instead of, say, used Lectros.
  6. I have a Matthews Preemie Baby stand that I use for most sit-down interviews. Very compact, yet very sturdy. The only downside is that it's pretty short. If the subject is sitting in a director's chair, or on a bar stool or something, I have to borrow a c-stand from grip department.
  7. Are these just repackaged condoms, or is there something special about them?
  8. Timecode's not what concerns me. I'm looking more for features like the ability to set cue points on the fly and jump to them instantaneously, rather than having to eyeball it like you would with the built-in audio player.
  9. So, my laptop (an ancient iBook G3) is on its last legs. I mostly use it for web and email, so I was thinking about replacing it with an iPad. However, I've also been using the laptop for playback gigs (using Audacity), and the iPad's built-in music player app doesn't really seem like an adequate replacement. Does anyone know of a third-party app that would do the trick? My Google-fu seems to be failing me here.
  10. I'm very surprised to hear that people are having problems with the NTG-3. I bought one last year, and I couldn't be happier with it. As others have noted, it sounds very similar to a 416. It doesn't sound noticeably thinner to me, despite others' complaints. And the sweet spot is definitely wider, which is a big plus in my book. I've never had any problems with RFI or handling noise. In fact, with a Rycote Invision-7 shock mount, it barely picks up any handling noise at all. I've even been able to get away with adjusting the pole length during takes a few times.
  11. I'm assuming that's sarcasm. I guess it was kind of a stupid question. I'm well aware that it's pointless to set hard-and-fast rules about that sort of thing; I was just looking for general guidelines, but I guess it's more of a gut thing for the most part.
  12. I get job offers via text fairly often. They're almost always from repeat clients, which doesn't bother me at all. Sometimes, it's even preferable to a phone call, since I generally can't answer the phone while I'm on set. If I were to get a text from someone I'd never met before, I might be mildly annoyed, especially if they didn't identify themselves. It wouldn't stop me from considering their offer, though, assuming that the offer was reasonable.
  13. It's true, I was really just asking about the Schoeps, rather than about people's favorite exterior mics. Still, I'm always interested to hear what mics people like to use for various situations, even if it is off-topic. I find this very interesting. It seems counter-intuitive, but I know from experience that 'counter-intuitive' is not the same as 'wrong'. Has anyone else found that short mics work better than long mics in this scenario? Another question: for those of you who use short mics (Schoeps/MKH-50/whatever) most of the time, at what point will you switch to a shotgun (i.e., how many feet of headroom, what level of background noise, etc.)?
  14. I've seen a few people here mention that they use a Schoeps MK 41 for exteriors as well as interiors. I have a couple of questions about that: 1. What do you use for wind protection? 2. Do you only use the Schoeps for *quiet* exterior locations, or do you use it everywhere?
  15. Wow. That's... that's really bad. I mean, I knew the Zoom was crap, but... wow.
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