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  1. Thank you all . Will be tweaking with your sugestions in mind :-)
  2. Nomad Lite. In the screen which you can assign the L-C-R, I assign all tracks which I use (tracks 1 to 6) to L only. I also used poly phase recording. But why is it when I download the mirror card into the laptop and opened the tracks into "Audacity" the tracks are sent to L-C-R at randomly. And when I use only 2 tracks, 1 is assigned to L and the other to the R channel? Bottom line is I want all my track to be sent to "one direction" only when played in Audacity (for example I want to see all tracks in the left side only). Anybody help me on this. Again , this is not in the manual. Thanks in advance.
  3. I did what Eric is telling here with my H4N and added -40db pad and setting from my PSC M4 a+ out is line out NOT mic out. I get good sound too form the H4N.
  4. The confusion is brought about by the way NAGRA spelled its Mic input as "MIKE 1&2"
  5. my 12V T-Power supply, which I also use for direct mic plug in to DSLRs
  6. I was able to make one of this, but instead of the 820 ohm resistor, I used a 220 ohm one. Works great! Thanks for the idea. Used TicTac container as case :-)
  7. In connection to all these, what is the slowest (high speed, if film shoot) "slo mo " , speed that can still be in done synch? How is this done? tnx! Emmanuel Clemente, CAS
  8. use micro switch instead. no/nc feature.
  9. paint it white and call it - iBloop
  10. This is for T-Power, for Ph48 (wired correctly for Ph48 internally), you can use 4 pieces in series of these small 12V batteries.
  11. I too still got my HHB TC 1000 Eric, I got from Jose Gonzales at Location Sound 1995 together with a PSC Intellislate. Had it upgraded from HHB UK to its latest specs at that time. It works fine but the built-in speaker's level is very low on playback, even though the volume control is set at max. :-)
  12. Question, forgive my ignorance but , if the set was in the wilderness and there is no wifi, how will the TC buddy work? I and the post house just love my clean sound report from Movie Slate
  13. 2 cents worth. Get atmos or room tone for specially for locations where you cannot shut off/down the source of noise . Your editor and producer will thank you for this. Specially - in worse cases that parts or the whole scene is subject for ADR.
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