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  1. I think it gives you another way to use the foam.. Not limiting at all IMO
  2. You can also change the speed parameters of the fader moves.. Slowing them down makes them a bit quieter. Food for thought.. Also you could get ANOTHER icon and run them side by side.
  3. The physical footprint of the AD1 is much different than the ADX1. Having had both, I can say that I prefer the ADX1 over the AD1. There is certainly nothing wrong with the AD1 in terms of performance tho. Worked great for me!
  4. Also this!! This other Matt makes some great stuff as well. He's made several custom order parts for me.
  5. Just replace the attaching screw with something compatible with your profile. An M5 with a T-nut or whatever. This is the same part that Sir Matthew Bacon uses on his SoundCarts.. Aside from the wheels, it's one of the few "off the shelf" parts he uses for his carts. Works perfectly.
  6. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/OClamp10--adj-o-clamp-1.0-lighting-clamp
  7. There is a regional airport out in east mesa.. Borders Gilbert. Could have been from that. RF here in the PHX metro area has gotten to be pretty bad.
  8. This is FANTASTIC!! I might be hitting you up soon..
  9. I think you'll need the musicians plug in.. $100
  10. I think you are correct in a lot of ways.. and to take that a step further.. I would rather pay for a plug-in and a small piece of add-on gear to accomplish a new task as opposed to buying a whole new unit. I think this puts some distance between major product releases because there is so much scalability already there... Which in turn makes the long term investment into them mixer a win for the consumer. They don't have to reinvent their wheel..You can just put new tires on it whenever you want.
  11. The comparison with the producer is kind of invalid... If they ask for X amount of inputs/wireless you charge accordingly. If you don't own it, you rent it to get the job done right? The fact that it's a paid plug in tells me that it was probably not initially designed for 12 ISO's and took some R&D to make happen...Otherwise it might have been free. The 833 didn't work with the CL16 either. The way I look at is that if it was designed like that to begin with it would have cost $1000 more... I probably wouldn't have bought it if that were the case. It's nice to have it available if I need it tho. Not to pick on anyone but at least you don't need a $110 adapter to plug in a USB keyboard to your mixer.
  12. This is where I'm at.. 833 and Scorpio. I think I've put a 3rd RX in my 833 bag, maybe 4-5 times?? Never ever thought about needing more than 6 tracks in my bag. It's nice to have that option though.
  13. The short of it is that you need to only make the routing selection with the computer once. After that you're all set. I still keep my laptop handy just in case though. Each new device needs to be routed in Dante Controller....Once.
  14. I've been following this Sidewalk thing for a while now... Aside from the RF implications the overall premised of this "feature" is way to invasive for my taste. Personally I don't want anything piggybacking on my network A; without my knowledge or consent B; chewing up my regulated internet bandwidth. All of the information that I've read from Amazon said that only certain new Ring devices would have Sidewalk capability. This is not REALLY the case at all. In fact after reading this post I the setting for my Ring doorbell and found that without my knowledge Ring enabled Sidewalk on my Doorbell. Not only did Ring change a device setting that I purposely chose to be disabled they enable the "feature" on a device they previously stated would not be available. If you have a Ring and want to disable it.. it's in the Control Center... Scroll to the bottom portion and select Sidewalk. Check your amazon devices as well. Check all of them. Turn those features off along with "anonymous data/usage" collection.
  15. Don't forget you can adjust the output level of X3/4 on the 633 as well.
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