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    Production Sound Mixer based out off Vancouver British Columbia. Current work focus is Dramatic Television and Feature Films

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  1. Hey Guys, I'm looking to get some photo's of the Chinhda Cart "Laptop Tray. I believe they came at one point in too different sizes, and with two different mount styles. I'd love to get some photo's. I'm trying to source one but i'm finding it very difficult to track down, let alone a picture of what i'm talking about. Anyone with a Chinhda "Large" Cart that can snap a pic or two of the accessory as a whole. I've been in touch with various suppliers for Chinhda products with little success... Thanks Kyle Petty kyle.petty@me.com
  2. I went looking for a website tonight and came up with a dead end. Does anyone know what is going on with these carts. I would like to purchase some accesories... Thanks
  3. Hey! Love the Cart! I've been eyeing up the Blackmagic Speakers system. Whats your thoughts? Worth the price??
  4. I'll take 2! let me know when this becomes a reality.
  5. Hi, I am a location Sound Mixer in Canada. Does anyone know if there is an equivalent up here that we need to liecense? Something that would help the overall cause? Thanks.
  6. WOW Very Kool If that doesn't make you want to get a bike license I don't know what would. Kyle
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