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  1. Learn to say the word "NO". Or I'm sorry but those needs are above my capabilities. Equipment of Mixer/recorder, two wireless lavs and a 9 ft boom with a good mic on the end with a "Beta" camera snake will cover most beginning jobs. As you get more jobs and make more money, then start the slow process of adding equipment. In my early days, I worked for a production company that did have equipment, so my first purchase was a boom pole followed by a mixer, then a good indoor mic. I think it took me almost 5 years to get to the small package above and then to where I'm now another 15 years going thru dats and then the first mixer/recorder. Don't think you need a full blown package to get started. Be willing to kick some jobs up the ladder and hopefully some will come down too. Good luck.
  2. Yes they did change the size of the mic a few years back and the old caps would fall off the newer mics. I would think that as long as any glue wouldn't get on the top of the cap, you would be fine. With all mics like this, talent can lose the caps when they take them off themselves since they don't know about the two pieces. L&D. Scott
  3. carbonhobbit

    Cold 5G

    Here a fun one for you where I had my worse day of using a wireless mic. Working on a 5G spot in an area where it is all set up and working. This day is also on the cold side of around 20-22 degrees F. Using Src A1 with a block 20 SMVQ. Scan had a clean RF for the Freq. but was still getting drop outs and spifts in the audio. As the day went on we moved into the close-up and things got worse where the battery display would just fad away and then a big dropout and no audio. Power to the Src was thru my BDS and my recorder was working just fine. Changed the batteries four times on the SMVQ without much improvement. Then I remembered reading about cold day working with Wireless that Lectrosonic had put out. Started packing hand warmers around the Src and everything started to come back and most of the audio held up, but would still get a few drops now and then and I was less than 10 ft away from the talent. Ended the day wondering if it was the cold or the 5G doing me in? Of course by the end of the day I was asking myself, why didn't I just hard wire the talent since we were so close? Today, different parts of town, in and out side, but not as long outside and the same setup, same Freq, was just rock solid and had no dropouts thru cars or buildings. There are some days when audio just puts me in my place and other days, it's a piece of cake. Scott......
  4. Has any thought been put into completing the camera hop system with a receiver with a six pin plug to be a reverse of the transmitter for us so we (sound people) don't have to worry about the cable now used with the IFB unit coming unplugged at the camera? I also see the on/off volume knob going away. The old receivers would become very high end IFB's for directors, producers and Red Cameras. Scott
  5. Because people do silly things. Most want to bolt from the chair the moment the interview is over. Saves a broken wire and reduces tripping hazard. I have a hard enough time just getting the boom out of the way before someone stands up into it. Not everyone knows to stay put until they have been de-wired.
  6. I just use a 25 ft extension and when the dolly moves, just coil back to the pushing post. Always have at lease 50 ft of cable between me and the camera if they are doing any moves and have two more 25 ft extensions for bigger moves or to go to other cameras.
  7. What does this mean for the new boards for the SRc's in B1? Is there a deadline to get them replaced before Oct. 1 too? Scott
  8. My last commercial, busy intersection, "cool" part of town. On scout ask if we will be blocking the street to cut down on the traffic; truck, buses, motorcycles. Stoplight doesn't slow the noise. I tell them I'll do my best after they tell me the city won't let them shut down the street since it would involve two major crossing streets and would need two detours set up, plus they had already promised the businesses they wouldn't hinder foot traffic to said businesses. I told them they just might be looking at ADR and they agreed. Day of the commercial is actress walking along different sections of the sidewalk in a two block area set up from the base camp. Get as far away from base camp as we are going to be all day. I'm hopping my audio back to base camp with just whips and all seems good, even do a test. Third take in the whole base camp is around me saying they had lost audio, I look up and a beer truck has parked between me and the line of site receiver. What was I going to do to fix it? I had nothing, but started to hand out comteks that I had brought with me. Did have the production manager come up to me and ask me how the audio was going. Since we weren't holding for traffic, I told her it would have to be decided in post and I was only recording for sync. Haven't heard since then and haven't seen the ad air yet and no phone calls.
  9. Also the loop of the film coming out of the mag needs to have the proper loop. Too tight or loose can add to your noise problems.
  10. In the olden days, I used a comtek setup to transmit my TC from my recorder to my TS-1. Could still do it today if I wanted to punish an AC. Nothing to set, it reads whatever rate is sent to it, even 23.97 or 29.97 drop or non-drop. Scott.....
  11. If you using the 663, I would at lease match the tc of the camera that way when they injest the files at lease they won’t have to retime the audio file to the camera tc. The f7s has timecode, you just can jam to it without the extra back.
  12. I had a non 7 transmitter that had a long wired for an antenna. It’s about 18 inches long and wouldn’t bend. I sent it in to have it converted to the P7 just so it would be shorter. So glad I change. You could poke an eye out with the old antenna. Scott
  13. Reading the reports in the paper and the web, it is never really addressed how it might effect the small business owners other than a lowering of the tax rate on 25% of business income. There is also no reports about what we might lose in the schedule C that the unincorporated file. A lot of time we never find out the details until the final bill is passed into law and then the IRS has to go through all the forms to fix any changes in the tax code. The big gains or losses might be tied to the 1040. So if in doubt, buy all the new equipment that you can afford before the first of the year. Scott
  14. Am I the only one who has short breakaways at both ends? I find being able to leave my cable where I'm standing makes my day easier since I don't have to wind everything back to camera. Also adding cable can be done from both sides. Scott
  15. Your last set up isn't completely correct, if the camera rolls at 24 and then transfers to 23.97 and audio is rolled at 23.97, 48K, they won't sync unless audio is recorded at 48.048 and then played back at 48.00, then everything will sync together. That's the reason for the increased sample rate. This is why they need to make a decision now so when it gets to edit, everyone is on the same page. Scott
  16. A few reality shows travel with their own sound gear and all they are looking for is a warm body to carry it around for a day or two. Of course having worked with the type of gear they bring is a plus, but it is well used and not everything gets back to where it belongs. Being a problem solver helps along with some experience. Scott
  17. I started out in corporate and news videos where the people who had hired me supplied the equipment. As I learned about what other high end soundies were using, I would try to get some of what they were using. My first buy was a MHK-50 along with a 9 ft. VDB pole. My first mixer was a Shure 32a. First wireless was a Lectrosonic 201, block 26. My first blimp I won at the first RAMPS party in Vegas I went to, made by K-tek. The years have gone by quickly, but I have never regretted any equipment I have bought. I always wanted to have the stuff that people coming to town were use to using. It took almost 15 years to build my kit as I like it now and I look forward to add to my kit with a few more things. Have fun with your job. Scott......
  18. Ok, Ok, I do believe enjoyfebruary has dropped his rate a little too far, but what do you do when the phone stops ringing? The bills are still there and as my better half has said, it's better than nothing. My market is dying, the biggest production house is down to a day a month and the up and coming group has no idea how to work with a crew bigger than two where they set up two cameras on the same subject with maybe a slider where a boom is fed into a camera. I just did a low budget movie only because the total would get me thru the month with a little left over. It was that or dip into what I didn't have left. The callers are telling me they are paying much less than my day rate and would rather go it alone than hire me. It's not about how many years I have under my belt (25) or how I can help them out on the shoot with an easy way to get their sound recorded and have everything go fine in post, no they are only worried about how much they want to pay me for my day. They seem to have forgotten that for me to be here in the middle of the United States, I need a certain amount to stay here so they can call me so they don't have to fly in a sound person. We have already lost one sound person because they couldn't keep their head above water because of insurance. Even I have been thinking about doing something else just because chasing the money is just getting harder. What are you to do when you become the buggy whip maker and all anybody wants to do is buy cars? I know good production can come back to a market, but how long do you hold out? Scott....
  19. Here's a question? Now that we have the wide band receivers and transmitters, how will we go about picking the right transmitter setting for hops if we will only have six blocks to choose from?
  20. In my market, I'm the person with all the bells and whistles, but most of the locals will not hire me because I'm too expensive. So I have become the go to out of town person but don't really like it because I never work with the same group of people twice and the first day you have to figure out how they want to do the job and by the time you have them figured out, they're gone. And then there is always the fight to get the rate/with equipment and it make you feel like you're just the market sound whore where every day is a first day. Some days are fun, but other days are just a grind and I wish I had stayed home. Scott....
  21. Had a Soundbag Dashboard 664D milled down to fit my Petrol 614. Makes for a tight little set-up for my SD 664. Scott....
  22. The option 7 receiver says it is a line level output. I would think this wouldn't work with headphones.
  23. Maybe a case was broken and a transmitter was cased in a receiver's case. Plug the input cable into it and see if it transmits to the one working receiver.
  24. Depends. How much you use them. Charge cycles. I have some that I bought in 2007 and I can still get four to five hours of them. I also have 9 volt lithium from 2000, some are still going, some died. I think it's like licking a tootsiepop, the world may never know. Scott...
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