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  1. I wish I could ask Howard Stark. He could help with some creative power solutions also I'm sure-
  2. I'm looking to mod a controller that is much cheaper, lighter, easily mounted for bag mixing, and still full of features. If I did pay someone to mod a mixer, I would use the technology to share with others who want similar features.
  3. I do come from a music recording background but for the past 8 years I've been primarily working as a location sound mixer. I'm very interested in the possibility of modifying mixers to be used with Zaxcom recorder/mixers. I want more flexibility in the field and I would love to spend less than $1k on a piece of hardware that better suits my needs than what is currently available. I'm looking into hiring someone to mod some gear. I know there has to be someone who has had the same thoughts. I would love to hear about anyone who has tried or looked into it as well.
  4. I'm generally curious about any protocol and anyones experiences-
  5. Has anyone ever looked into modifying a controller to be used with Zaxcom Nomad? A cheap alternative to using Zaxcom's proprietary hardware...
  6. Davin

    Where in LA?

    koreatown is central to everything and very affordable-
  7. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cwg/3613209936.html is it a silly request?
  8. awesome foley studio. meanwhile in LA... things are slow as shit-
  9. Davin

    Nomad Lite

    Jack, is there a track upgrade for the nomad 8 that reflects the new price changes?
  10. Davin

    Nomad Lite

    and I'm working on an indie feature (14-15 hr days) with no time to send back and trew is closed for the weekend-
  11. Davin

    Nomad Lite

    I just purchased a used nomad 8 from trew nashville for $5000. I'm kinda bummed. it's 5 days tommorrow and their ruturn policy is 5 days... any advice?
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