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  1. https://www.raycom.co.uk/dme-welcome-to-the-future/ Wisycom are across it.
  2. I have bags and a multichannel rack wired up this way. Small and light and easy to move receivers between kits. DB25s are easy enough to solder and come mega cheap. Pin out for basics of audio and power can be found in the SR manual. https://www.lectrosonics.com/phocadownload/srb5p_srb_man.pdf
  3. Hello, My question is about powering. What is the input range for DC on the USB connector and or the Lemo? If capable of receiving external power from a camera/battery how might this effect the internal battery if it is powered 95% of the time this way? Is the internal Li-Ion battery replaceable in the future if it degrades? Thanks Stuart
  4. I had similar problems with a couple of tiny lockits recently. Turned out they had an issue with battery contacts or powering board that affected the very first units. The solution was something quite simple like putting some electrical tape on the underside of a section of pcb. Wendy's Broadcast in the U.K. spotted the problem and sorted for me.
  5. I received this information from Ron at PSC when researching the RF multi before purchasing a few years ago. It only amplifies to make up for its own losses.
  6. A touchscreen in my mixer bag? Erm... No. No thanks. Stuart
  7. You can actually disable the on/off switch so it has no effect. No tape required.
  8. Soundfield mics. I think they've been around since the 80's or earlier. (Total guess) http://www.tslproducts.com/soundfield-type/soundfield-microphones/ The kit to record periphonic surround sound definitely does exist. Plus they sound great and are good to use. Integrating it with programming/movement information from a VR headset is a different matter. Love to try the end result. Stuart
  9. Is it just me or is that a bit out there as an upgrade process? I'll have some of whatever Zaxcom are smoking...
  10. Stuart

    "The Bomb"

  11. So Trew have updated their listing: http://www.trewaudio.com/store/WisyCom-NAB-US-Intro-Special.html Any love for the UK Wisycom?
  12. Interesting stuff. Any US recordists here taken advantage of the deals and bought kits yet? Are they MTP40-S Txs ie. with limiters? I'm yet to hear back from Wisycom or Raycom (UK distributor) about this but was under the impression that the MTP40-S was yet to be released. Do please report back Petersont with any information forthcoming from Wisycom. Thanks Stuart
  13. I think the biggest issue any prospective purchasers of the MTP40 transmitters should be aware of is the lack of input limiter. Yes you did read that correctly! I've been struggling with this on my kits due to the unpredictable dynamics of the documentary type stuff I do. The work around at present is to have the Tx trims set very low to allow for the occasional shout or scream and make it up on the mixer input. A counter intuitive gain structure in my book but necessary without the safety net of input limiters on the Tx's. Here's hoping Wisycom can modify my MTP40 transmitters to have the killer new feature they are introducing with the MTP40-S. That's right, input limiters!! If you're thinking of buying in to Wisycom radios I would still say do it (especially if you are able to get the great US deals) but just be aware of the current lack of input limiters and perhaps hang on until the MTP40-S is released. Thanks Stuart
  14. Same issue with the Fusion. Apparently not enough analogue gain to hit the ADC with a decent level so digital gain is added (in the case of the Fusion using makeup gain on a compressor). I'm sure I could never discern any ill audible effect but I have a, perhaps irrational, dislike of wonky gain staging like that.
  15. My Dad brought up this story with me the other day and my response was almost to the word what Ian Sands is quoted as saying here. All down to the director and thus also the producer.
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