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    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Hello, My question is about powering. What is the input range for DC on the USB connector and or the Lemo? If capable of receiving external power from a camera/battery how might this effect the internal battery if it is powered 95% of the time this way? Is the internal Li-Ion battery replaceable in the future if it degrades? Thanks Stuart
  2. Stuart

    Tiny Lockit lock up and random reboot.

    I had similar problems with a couple of tiny lockits recently. Turned out they had an issue with battery contacts or powering board that affected the very first units. The solution was something quite simple like putting some electrical tape on the underside of a section of pcb. Wendy's Broadcast in the U.K. spotted the problem and sorted for me.
  3. Stuart

    Bag RF Distro custom cabling

    I received this information from Ron at PSC when researching the RF multi before purchasing a few years ago. It only amplifies to make up for its own losses.
  4. Stuart

    New Zaxcom Products

    A touchscreen in my mixer bag? Erm... No. No thanks. Stuart
  5. Stuart

    Wisycom UPK Mini

    You can actually disable the on/off switch so it has no effect. No tape required.
  6. Soundfield mics. I think they've been around since the 80's or earlier. (Total guess) http://www.tslproducts.com/soundfield-type/soundfield-microphones/ The kit to record periphonic surround sound definitely does exist. Plus they sound great and are good to use. Integrating it with programming/movement information from a VR headset is a different matter. Love to try the end result. Stuart
  7. Stuart

    How do I upgrade Nomad's linux processor?

    Is it just me or is that a bit out there as an upgrade process? I'll have some of whatever Zaxcom are smoking...
  8. Stuart

    "The Bomb"

  9. Stuart

    WisyCom now available in North America

    So Trew have updated their listing: http://www.trewaudio.com/store/WisyCom-NAB-US-Intro-Special.html Any love for the UK Wisycom?
  10. Stuart

    WisyCom now available in North America

    Interesting stuff. Any US recordists here taken advantage of the deals and bought kits yet? Are they MTP40-S Txs ie. with limiters? I'm yet to hear back from Wisycom or Raycom (UK distributor) about this but was under the impression that the MTP40-S was yet to be released. Do please report back Petersont with any information forthcoming from Wisycom. Thanks Stuart
  11. Stuart

    WisyCom now available in North America

    I think the biggest issue any prospective purchasers of the MTP40 transmitters should be aware of is the lack of input limiter. Yes you did read that correctly! I've been struggling with this on my kits due to the unpredictable dynamics of the documentary type stuff I do. The work around at present is to have the Tx trims set very low to allow for the occasional shout or scream and make it up on the mixer input. A counter intuitive gain structure in my book but necessary without the safety net of input limiters on the Tx's. Here's hoping Wisycom can modify my MTP40 transmitters to have the killer new feature they are introducing with the MTP40-S. That's right, input limiters!! If you're thinking of buying in to Wisycom radios I would still say do it (especially if you are able to get the great US deals) but just be aware of the current lack of input limiters and perhaps hang on until the MTP40-S is released. Thanks Stuart
  12. Stuart

    Nomad low input gain

    Same issue with the Fusion. Apparently not enough analogue gain to hit the ADC with a decent level so digital gain is added (in the case of the Fusion using makeup gain on a compressor). I'm sure I could never discern any ill audible effect but I have a, perhaps irrational, dislike of wonky gain staging like that.
  13. Stuart

    BBC Viewers Complain About 'Mumbling Actors'

    My Dad brought up this story with me the other day and my response was almost to the word what Ian Sands is quoted as saying here. All down to the director and thus also the producer.
  14. Stuart

    WisyCom now available in North America

    You might be over egging the MCR42 price a bit there James. More like £2700 inc VAT in my experience unless prices have gone up. Tx is about right. It's great living in the UK innit?
  15. Stuart

    First experience with Zaxcom qrx200 wide band RX

    PSC explained the RF multi SMA to me as having enough gain to make up for its own losses thus what it presents to the front of the receiver is the same as what it would "see" with just whips. It is then up to the receiver's filter to do its job as usual. Thinking out loud: Someone here mentioned crosstalk issues with the RF multi SMA. Is that where the problem lies?
  16. Stuart

    Zaxcom New Modulation

    +1 I'm curious about this as well.
  17. Stuart

    Zaxcom product launch

    Another curiosity inspired spec question. Is the Zaxcom wireless "stream" a lossless or perceptually encoded lossy format? I'm guessing full PCM would be a no go bandwidth wise.
  18. Stuart

    HD26 Pro

    Been using a pair for about a month. Isolation is great and better than hd25s which are pretty good anyway. Very comfy and seem very nicely put together. Having said that they don't appear to be as immediately bombproof/fixable as hd25s. Have only used inside so can't comment on wind noise. Sound is different but comparable to hd25s. Sound loads better than 7506s but in my opinion this is true of most reasonable headphones. There design precludes wearing them comfortably around your neck when not in use. Thanks Stuart
  19. Stuart

    Scratch Tracks Wrongly Used In Final Edit

    Yeah you'd think so but... I worked on a long running job recently that required us to feed timecode to an audio track of video recorders that had no timecode input so they could still be synced to our separate sound recordings. All was of course duly noted and various emails sent to as many relevant people I could find as well as being discussed with the "post supervisor" during the rig. I have since heard tell of the exec producer sitting in the edit being told "that horrible beepy noise" was radio mic interference and also they are having lots of trouble trying to sync the sound! This and countless other experiences has lead me to first assume the level of technical proficiency of picture editors and the early stages of post in general is about as good as my mother's until they prove otherwise to me. It's safer that way unfortunately.
  20. Going through a similar process of hand holding post production on a current gig. This is a reality project so lots of tracks across 3 different kinds of recorder depending on the location. I've found out they like mono wavs. One handy thing is the 664 can now do mono wavs and puts it's own channel number at the end of the filename as an identifier. Then that is a hard cross reference to the sound report. It is all of course in the metadata as well but on the last project I found out that the flavour of Avid they were using apparently still doesn't show trackname metadata on the timeline. The information is there but has to be dug out by opening the file through a certain menu from the bin. Unbelievable! So the AEs are manually renaming files with the tracknames they find in the metadata just to get it to show up on the timeline. Bravo Avid. Top of the pile industry standard functionality there! Or are the editors just rubbish...
  21. Stuart

    HD26 Pro

    Resolder the connector and wear whichever way round you prefer. Think I might do the same as I am so used to cable on the right.
  22. Stuart

    Zaxcom Maxx - Here's the latest

    Zaxcom. Shady? I must admit I find it hard to trust a company who don't but "The" in front of their recorder names... Dodgy.
  23. Glad to have the daylight viewable screen mode. I'll have to wait until we next have some sunshine in the UK to find out if it's any good. Probably next year then...
  24. Stuart

    Range Test

    I find it preferable in reality TV to let producers know that it's a necessity for sound to be monitored for quality/mic rustle/mics fallen off etc by a professional experienced sound recordist and for content by a production member. If either is not right then we needn't have bothered. (apart from that pesky subtitle button they seem to have found...)
  25. Stuart

    Range Test

    Yep. Just started reading the article linked to by Larry about IM of digitally modulated signals being linked to the makeup of the digital signal. Kind of makes sense when you type it out loud. More stuff to learn. Bugger.